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The Status Board plugin allows team members to update their status on a board that is accessible to other team members. Use this plugin to replace a "sign in/out" log at your workplace.

  • A log is generated for each update.
  • Available statuses are In Office, Out to Lunch, Paid Time Off, and Out of Office
  • Management area included in backend for creating/removing/modifying employees name/number
  • Employees update their status on a Page. Not in the Backend.

The Status Board plugin is composed of one component. Include the Status Board on any page with the following:

title = "Home"
url = "/"

<div class="container">
{% component 'statusBoard' %}

Any employee that you have added in the Backend will now be shown on that page. Team members update their statuses by clicking on the box with their name that the component generates. A modal will appear that has a few choices for the employee to pick for their status.

You can change the colors that are shown for an employee's status in /plugins/mayhak/statusboard/assets/css/statusBoard.css.

jQuery is required. Font Awesome is recommended.

Feel free to submit pull requests here https://github.com/Jmayhak/octobercms-statusboard


Update Available Status

May 27, 2014


Add Employee Status Model

May 27, 2014


Add Employee Model

May 27, 2014


First version of StatusBoard

May 27, 2014