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Why Git Repos Manager?

Some of my OctoberCMS installations are divided into multiples git repos (main installation, theme and a few plugins).

After some modifications on these repos, before upload to the server, I was needing a quick way to see what is deployed on the server.

This plugin is an alternative to connect with SSH, goto every directory and looking for the current state of the repo.


In your OctoberCMS backend, go to Updates > Install plugins and search for "martin.gitreposmanager" or install from October Marketplace.


Start by adding all your repos from Backend > Settings > System > Git Repos Manager

After saving, the last commit information is loaded.

You need to manually update the repos to se the updated information.


Added new option to pull remote repos

Jan 10, 2018


First version of Git Repos Manager plugin

May 27, 2016