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Steam API Plugin for October CMS

Plugin adds custom route /marin/steamauth/login for steam API access.

Installation and setup

  • Obtain API key on steam here
  • Install the plugin
  • Configure plugin using your api key and set a redirect path to custom page
  • Use Session class to obtain user info


Find more details on documentation page with examples


Try at https://marin-basic.com/steamauth

Please note that no session or data is stored after login, so, dont abuse the login button :)


Use public repo to submit any issues with the plugin. Also, pull requests are more than welcome

Demo at https://marin-basic.com/steamauth

Installation and Setup

  1. Go to system on the main menus in your backend.
  2. Click on the settings subsection.
  3. Under the Steam area, there should be a plugin setting called "Steam API", click on that.
  4. Insert your steam API key, which can be obtain here http://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey
  5. Insert relative path for page after authorization (eg /steam or /login) - this is where you will get your session user info
  6. Enable HTTPS if you are using https


The steam login route is /marin/steamauth/login eg. http://yourwebsite.com/marin/steamauth/login

  • You will be then redirected to steam page where you need to login to your account.
  • After login, you will be redirected to the page you specifed on settings redirect.
  • You can now grab session steamuser for user info or steamerror for any error.

Page code section

public function onEnd() 
    $this['steamuser'] = Session::get('steamuser');
    $this['steamerror'] = Session::get('steamerror');

Page markup section

{% if steamuser %}
SteamID: {{steamuser['steamid']}}
Profile: {{steamuser['profileurl']}}
{% endif %}

Full reference of object can be found on steamAPI



no sessions or data is stored, so please don't abuse the login!


First version of SteamAuth

Jul 06, 2017