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Getting Started

Click2chat is designed with simplicity at the core. A few steps are required.

  • Find Click2chat from the settings page
  • Select the site you want to configure
  • Add your WhatsApp number


The plugin provides a component that is added dynamically to a page layout during the page initialization of the configured sites. The component is configured according to the site settings as defined below:

Site configuration

  • Site Name - The name of the site to configure
  • Pre-filled message - Text that is pre-filled in WhatsApp Chat window
  • Call to action - Text that appears along with WhatsApp button
  • WhatsApp Number - Your WhatsApp or WhatsApp business number


  • To use multi-agents, select Enable Multi-agents
  • Add agent's name and WhatsApp number

Fixed dependency problem

Aug 19, 2023


Fix installation error

Aug 19, 2023


Initialize plugin.

Mar 13, 2023