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This plugin adds many components that allows you to add JSON-LD data to your page without touching the code.

New components will be added only if requested. To do so - please start a new GitHub issue.

Plugin currently supports:

  1. Rendering content value as a valid script tag containing JSON-LD
  2. Using one component as field value of another component
    • When referenced component is on the same page
    • When referenced component is on the layout used by page
  3. Passing multiple values to component properties that will be rendered as JSON array. Please refer to GitHub documentation.

Visit this page to see the list of supported schemas and enumerations.

Please read the documentation on the GitHub page.

Please visit GitHub releases page for a detailed changelog.


Fixed plugin crash because of invalid method signatures

Aug 15, 2020


Added a way to pass multiple values to the component properties as well as referencing multiple components

Aug 15, 2020


Added Menu, MenuItem, MenuSection, NutritionInformation components

Aug 14, 2020


Added music related components & web page elements

Aug 09, 2020


Added few medical components.

Aug 07, 2020


Added plugin settings and a few components. See github page for details.

Aug 07, 2020


Added various components. See github releases page for details.

Aug 07, 2020


Added Answer, Comment and Question

Aug 04, 2020


Initialize plugin.

Aug 03, 2020