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Add a simple 'Scroll to Top' button to your pages, to help your visitors get around faster.

Available options:

  • Speed: Time in milliseconds it takes for the scroll to end
  • Size: Size of the button in pixels
  • Position Options
    • Position: Where you want to button to appear( bottom-right/bottom-left/top-right/top-left )
    • Unit: The measurement unit you want to use to position the button
    • Units from Left/Right: Units from the Side (right or left, depending on your selection of positioning)
    • Units from Top/Bottom: Units from Top/Bottom (depending on your selection of positioning)
  • Color Options:
    • Arrow Color: CSS color attribute of the arrow
    • Arrow Hover Color: CSS color attribute of the arrow when the user hovers over it
    • Background Color: CSS color attribute of the background
    • Background Hover Color: CSS color attribute of the background when the user hovers over it
If you have any suggestions about new features, feel free to write an issue in the Support section of this page.
Place it anywhere, on any page

It is a pretty simple plugin, so not much to talk about. It adds the scrollToTop object to the page, which contains all the information the Component needs to function as you customized it.

Quickstart guide:

  1. Go to the 'System' tab in October, and install the plugin using the LynxSolutions.Scrolltop code.
  2. After installation has finished a new component will appear in under Octobers 'CMS > Components' tab. You have the option to add this to only one page, or add it to a layout making it appear on all pages that use the layout. Whichever you chose the instructions are the same.
  3. Open the your selected page/layout, and add the component to it.
  4. Add this small code anywhere on the page/layout: {% component 'ScrollTop' %} Be sure to use the correct alias, if you haven't changed it, then it should be 'ScrollTop'. The position of the code doesn't really count, since the arrow has a fixed position.
  5. That's it. You now have a working 'Scroll to Top' button on your page. It has no outside dependencies, so you don't have to worry about anything else.


The Component requires you to add the hex color codes you prefer. This free online application can help you with that: http://www.colorpicker.com/

  • Found the plugin useful on 26 Mar, 2017

    It works.. :)

  • Found the plugin useful on 6 Feb, 2015

    Thank you for notifying us, the bug has been fixed. Please write future issues with our plugin in the Support section. Thanks. :)

  • Found the plugin not useful on 17 Jan, 2015

    Hi there is something JavaScript problem, we cant click on the color tab.


Fixed Indirect modification of overloaded properties bug. Thanks @surahmans

Oct 22, 2015


Changed old function so plugin would work with the new Release Candidate

May 05, 2015


Fixed a bug that occured when some core October features changed

Feb 06, 2015


Minor update because of new showExternalParameter parameter in Component properties

Feb 06, 2015


First version

Oct 10, 2014