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This plugin registers the following variables for use in CMS Layouts, Partials, & Pages as well as for use in Mail Templates:

Name Description
app_url: The URL to the home page of the application
app_logo: The URL to the backend application logo, defaults to the OctoberCMS logo if not set
app_name: The Application Name from the backend BrandSettings
app_debug: The state of the application debug flag
app_description: The Application Tagline from the backend BrandSettings

Twig Examples:

As filters:

{% if app_debug %}
    <a href="{{ app_url }}">
        <img src="{{ app_logo }}" alt="{{ app_name }} Logo" />
    <strong>{{ app_description }}</strong>
{% endif %}

Added plugin information

Jul 06, 2018


Initial version, app_[url|logo|name|debug|description]

Jul 06, 2018