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Provides the ability to import and otherwise work with data directly from an ExpressionEngine database. Currently includes support for Channels, Entries (including entry fields / data), Comments, Members (including member fields / data), MemberGroups, Categories, and CategoryGroups.


To install from the Marketplace, click on the "Add to Project" button and then select the project you wish to add it to before updating the project to pull in the plugin.

To install from the backend, go to Settings -> Updates & Plugins -> Install Plugins and then search for LukeTowers.EEImport.

To install from the repository, clone it into plugins/luketowers/eeimport and then run composer update from your project root in order to pull in the dependencies.

To install it with Composer, run composer require luketowers/oc-eeimport-plugin from your project root.


ExpressionEngine stores data as "entries" organized by "channels" with additional "categories" for further classification of data. As an example, you could have an Articles channel for blog posts, a Pages channel for regular static pages, and a Products channel for available products. Custom fields can be specified for different channels and that data is stored in the channel_data table while the main Entry records themselves are stored in the channel_titles table.

All custom field data for entries is stored as individual columns on the channel_data table, which makes things very inconvenient to work with. Fortunately, this plugin will automatically "Just Work" and will load any additional fields defined for a given entry's channel directly onto the individual Entry records under the relevant field names.

This plugin currently just supports the following ExpressionEngine record types implemented through OctoberCMS Models with OctoberCMS relationships configured appropriately:

  • Channels (Main data types)
  • Entries (Main data entries for the given Channels)
  • Comments (Related records attached to Entries)
  • Members (user accounts on the system, attached to entries and comments)
  • MemberGroups (essential user roles)
  • Categories (further organization of Entries)
  • CategoryGroups (grouping of the above categories for even more organization)

More may be added on an as-needed basis, feel free to submit an issue or even a pull request adding support yourself.


Support EE version 5 (channel -> field relationships changed) & support grid type fields

Jun 12, 2020


Initial version

Dec 30, 2018