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This plugin allows you to create short links and QR Codes on your website.

All codes are linked to a unique short link, so it lets you change the redirect link whenever you want without affecting the QR Code or the short link.

You can change mutliple things on each code, as the foreground color, background color, the logo on the center of your code.

Once the QR Code is generated, you can also dowload it as SVG to use it in your AI files.

If you have any suggestion, please create an issue on the support repository.

Creating Code

From the QR Code generator page, click on Create new code

  1. If you have created a group, first select your code group.
  2. Add a name to your code.
  3. Fill in the redirect link.
  4. Select a logo to place in your QR Code. (optional)
  5. Select a foreground and background color.
  6. Click on create button

Add Code Groups

Dec 26, 2023


Updated table lucaspalomba_qrcg_codes -> rename to custom_logo

Dec 26, 2023


Updated table lucaspalomba_qrcg_codes -> add media custom_img

Dec 26, 2023


Add colors param

Dec 26, 2023


Created table lucaspalomba_qrcg_codes_usages

Dec 26, 2023


Created table lucaspalomba_qrcg_codes

Dec 26, 2023


Initialize plugin.

Dec 26, 2023