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Labels for Shopaholic plugin allows to:

  • mark products with a custom label: new, hot, top, etc.
  • filter products by a custom label on the catalog pages
  • create landing pages with filtered products


You have to buy this plugin on the October CMS marketplace and add it to the selected project.

Once the plugin is installed, take a look at the official documentation for the possible next steps.


The complete official documentation of the plugin can be found here.

Live demo

You can try out this plugin on our demo site. Sign in to backend using the following credentials:

  • user: manager
  • password: manager

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What is Shopaholic?

Shopaholic is free most popular e-commerce ecosystem for October CMS, which admitted as Editor's choice rank. It follows the similar philosophies of October CMS and Unix like operating systems, where the main focus is to create simple microarchitecture solutions that communicate with each other through smart APIs.

One one hand, this approach allows keeping performance, security, and functionality of the code to a high standard. On the other hand, it provides a clean and smooth back-end UI/UX that isn't over-bloated with the features.

You're welcome to visit official website shopaholic.one!

Quality standards

We ensure the high quality of our plugins and provide you with full support. All of our plugins have extensive documentation. The quality of our plugins goes through rigorous testing, we have launched automated testing for all of our plugins. Our code conforms with the best writing and structuring practices. All this guarantees the stable work of our plugins after they are updated with new functionality and ensures their smooth integration.

Get involved

If you're interested in the improvement of Shopaholic project you can help in the following ways:

  • bug reporting and new feature requesting by creating issues on plugin GitHub page;
  • contribution to a project following these instructions;
  • localization to your language using Crowdin service.

Let us know if you have any other questions, ideas or suggestions! Just drop a line at info@shopaholic.one.


© 2019, LOVATA Group, LLC under the Regular or Extended License.

The complete official documentation of the plugin can be found here.

Extension of ProductItem class

Plugin adds fields:

"label" field in ProductItem object returns LabelCollection object with labels of the product.

Example: render label list on product page

slug = "{{ :slug }}"

{# Get product item #}s
{% set obProduct = ProductPage.get() %}
<div data-id="{{ obProduct.id }}">
    <h1>{{ obProduct.name }}</h1>

    {# Get list of labels #}
    {% set obLabelList = obProduct.label.active().sort() %}
    {% if obLabelList.isNotEmpty() == true %}
            {% for obLabel in obLabelList %}
                <li>{{ obLabel.name }}</li>
            {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}

Extension of ProductCollection class

Plugin adds label method. Method applies a filter by the label ID.

    $obList = ProductCollection::make()->label(2);


The class allows to work with a cached list of labels.

The LabelCollection class is extended from ElementCollection class.

The LabelCollection class returns arrays of LabelItem class objects.

Method List:


Method sorts the elements of a collection by the "sort_order" field.

    $obList = LabelCollection::make([1,2,10,15])->sort();

Method applies a filter to the field "active" = true for the elements of a collection.

    $obList = LabelCollection::make([1,2,10,15])->active();
  • $iProductID - product ID

Method applies a filter by the product ID.

    $obList = LabelCollection::make()->product(2);

Method return LabelItem class object with code value == $sCode.

    $obItem = LabelCollection::make([1,2,10,15])->getByCode('new');

LabelItem class

The class allows to work with a cached data array of Label model.

The LabelItem class is extended from ElementItem class.

Field list

  • (int) id
  • (string) name
  • (string) slug
  • (string) code
  • \System\Models\File image
  • (string) description
  • ProductCollection product

Method List:

getPageUrl($sPageCode = 'label'')
  • $sPageCode - page file name

The method returns the URL of the page. The method gets LabelPage component attached on the page and compiles parameter :slug to generate the URL.

LabelList component

The component allows to work with LabelCollection class objects.

Method list

make($arElementIDList = null)

Example: render label list

Get collection of labels, apply sorting + filter by flag "active"

{% set obLabelList = LabelList.make().sort().active() %}
{% if obLabelList.isNotEmpty() %}
    <div class="label-list-wrapper">
        {% for obLabel in obLabelList %}
            <div data-id="{{ obLabel.id }}">
                <span>{{ obLabel.name }}</span>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

LabelPage component

The component allows to work with LabelItem class objects.

Usage example:

slug = "{{ :slug }}"

{# Get label item #}
{% set obLabel = LabelPage.get() %}
<div data-id="{{ obLabel.id }}">
    <h1>{{ obLabel.name }}</h1>

LabelData component

The component allows to work with LabelItem class objects.

Usage example:

{# Get label item with ID = 10 #}
{% set obLabel = LabelData.get(10) %}
{% if obLabel.isNotEmpty() %}
    <div data-id="{{ obLabel.id }}">
        <span>{{ obLabel.name }}</span>
{% endif %}

Change lists method to pluck method. Thanks for contribution Nick Khaetsky.

Apr 05, 2022


Reduced count of database queries, if cache is empty. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.32.0 and later.

May 02, 2021


Added composer.json to plugin

May 01, 2021


Added support svg files in image fields. Added settings for "default label page". Added icon field.

Dec 29, 2020


Fixed dynamic method in ProductItem class. Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.28.1 and later.

Mar 03, 2020


Removed index by slug field in migrations.

Feb 04, 2020


Added permission.label string to lang file

Oct 04, 2019


initialize plugin.

Jun 07, 2019