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This plugin allows you to send mails (Plain Or HTML) to all users in specific frontend users group you choose. You can use it for marketing campaigns. Get in touch with all your users whenever you want.

Main features

  • Sending plain-text emails.
  • Sending HTML emails.
  • Advanced editor.
  • Ability to send test mails.

Available languages

  • en - English
  • tr - Türkçe
  • ar - العربية


Frontend groups mail sender plugin for Laravel 5.2/OctoberCMS

Plugin can be used for sending mails to any of frontend user groups. This plugin requires Rainlab.User Plugin

The plugin sends your mail to all frontend users who are in the group you select.

Installation Via Composer

  1. composer require lilessam/frontendmailsender dev-master --dev
  2. Copy lilessam folder to your root/plugins/ folder.

Installation Manually

  1. Create a folder named lilessam in your root/plugins folder.
  2. Upload folder frontendmailsender to lilesssam folder.
  3. Login into your backend control panel > Frontend Mail Sender.
This plugin was built in less than 2 hours. So any issue while testing is very welcomed. Thanks a lot !
  • Found the plugin useful on 2 Mar, 2017

    Still no Flash notifications? :D

  • Found the plugin useful on 2 Dec, 2016

    Great. Only thing I'd like to be better is that I would like to see Flash notification when the email is sent. This way I'm not sure.

  • author

    Replied on 27 Dec, 2016

    Actually I've developed it to display flash messages and to support attachments but I didn't publish it yet. I'm just too lazy xD


First version of Lilessam.Frontendmailsender Plugin

Jun 14, 2016