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Mobilize Your Team using Text Messaging from your website!

Install Twilio SMS Sender

Provide your front end users a way to send short messages to teams of other front end users. This works in conjunction with Cellphone plugin to help to provide community inside your site where front end users can send group SMS messages. Great for clubs, unions, churches, associations, and small businesses.

Want your users to come to that next meeting? Use Twilio plugin to send them a reminder.

Do you have an urgent request for help from you group? Use Twilio plugin to alert your membership.

Twilio messages will cost about $3.75 for every 500 messages sent. See Twilio for more information.



  • Profile plugin for additional fields and user directory.
  • Passage Permission plugin for security from unauthorized message sending.

Twilio adds:

  • Twilio SMS Sender component

This Plugin requires :

Go to Twilio account and setup your account and phone number.

Basic Steps:

  • Install plugin ( Installation code : kurtjensen.twilio )
  • Logout and back into october backend.
  • Goto Settings - Twilio
    • Enter your Twilio _AccountSID
    • AuthToken from www.twilio.com/user/account
    • SMS Phone Numbers ( one per line ) to match the Twilio phone number(s) you want to send from.
      • Multiple numbers can be used to send by entering each son separate line.
      • Include Area code + number but not the "+1" prefix.
    • Phone Country Prefix ( use "+1" for USA )
    • Hook Response - message sent back to people who try send text to your number.

Twilio SMS Sender Page

  • Add _Twilio_SMSSender component to a page.
  • Setup access to you page so that only the users you want on your list can access the page and send messages. See:Passage Permission.

Your page markup should look like this:

{% component 'SendSMS' %}

Twilio SMS Compose Message Page

  • Create a new page.
  • Add Cellphone Checkform
    • Set property for page that contains the "_Twilio_SMSSender" Component from Twilio that you just made above.
  • Add User Selector Component form User Select
  • Set Group Type parameter ( ALL for all custom group type buttons or restrict based on “Type” you set in custom checklist group.)
  • Set the Submit Button Label to match the context of your page

Your page markup should look like this:

{% component 'Checkform' %}
{% component 'Checklist' %}

Your checklist will now show-up when page is viewed and the selections are added or removed from Database when buttons are pressed.

( Don't worry; It will make sense when you see it. )

Later you will want to review protecting your pages using instructions from Passage Permission Keys Plugin.

That should be all you need to get started. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Added Logging

Dec 15, 2020


Added test component and CellMessage Behavior for easy integration.

Dec 15, 2020


Added test mode setting for easier troubleshooting.

Aug 06, 2017


Update message hook route to L5.5.

Jul 30, 2017


Added message hook component and route.

Dec 02, 2016


Added Message filtering by user device filter terms

Nov 26, 2016


!!! This is an important update that contains breaking changes. Added SendFromList class to simplify group messaging in other plugins.

Nov 18, 2016


Added messageURL() to enable Author Notices

Feb 14, 2016


Added Permissions to Twillio Settings to keep API Secure

Feb 07, 2016


Fixed DB timeout issue

May 23, 2015


First version of Twilio

May 22, 2015

Upgrade guide

Upgrading To 1.0.5

This is an important update that contains breaking changes.

The Twilio SMS Sender component no longer has a From Phone property to hold the phone number(s) on twillo to send from.

From Phone has been moved into the Twilio settings as SMS Phone Numbers and will need to be set by you after upgrading or an Exception will occur on the SMS Sender component.

There is also a new setting for Phone Country Prefix that needs to be set. For users in USA this should be set to "+1".