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  • Added on Feb 14, 2015
  • Current version: 1.1.15
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
  • License: Regular / Extended
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Mailgun List Subscriber

Allow your authenticated front-end users to subscribe to your Mailgun mailing list right from your site with the click of a button. They can also check to see if they are already part of a list and unsubscribe if desired.

Provides backend tools to control your Mailgun mailing lists. As an admin you can:

  • Add or remove users to and from all of your mailing lists.
  • List all users of a mailing list.
    • See if they added themselves or if it was done by an administrator.
    • See the date they were added.
  • Create a new mailing list directly from October CMS backend.
  • Send mail to a list directly from postmaster@yourdomain.com with a reply-to address so you can reduce bounced mail.
  • View event logs and statistics directly from October Backend.

Does your site provide a community for users to collaborate or do you want logged in site visitors to join you mailing list so that you can better communicate with them? Sign up for a free Mailgun account and get your list started with this simple subscriber plugin.



  • Kurt Jensen Profile plugin .For frontend Profile Manager and automatic update of Mailing Lists when user changes their email address.
Setting the Name of the mailing list in component

This Plugin requires RainLab User plugin and a Mailgun account account to function.

Go to Mailgun account and setup your account and mailing list.

Download plugin to plugin directory.

  • Logout and back into october backend.
  • Goto Settings - Mailgun
  • Enter your Mailgun API Key and Mailgun Domain
  • Enter a comma separated list of your mailing lists
  • Goto Mailgun in top menu and then choose your administrator task
    • You may Create List on Server right from this interface if you have not already configured it on the Mailgun site

Manage List Subscription Component

  • Add Manage List Subscription component to a page.
  • Set Mailing List Name property to match the name of your mailing list.
  • Setup access to your page so that only the users you want on your list can access the component.

!!! This is an important update that contains breaking changes. Add List table and groups association.

Feb 13, 2021


Fixes missing SendHistory component Error.

May 22, 2020


Shows mailgun tab for user preview as well as update

Apr 27, 2020


Fixes - Call to a member function toDateTimeString() on string in Settings

Jan 30, 2020


Fixes - Property [delivered_total] does not exist on this collection instance error

Sep 24, 2017


Add Routes Tables and Controller

Aug 15, 2017


Fixes Plugin.php L58 div by zero error

Oct 27, 2016


Fixes "A colon cannot be used in an unquoted mapping value" error

Aug 18, 2016


Fixes Missing Viewer Error and Missing Html class in backend

Aug 18, 2016


Added messageURL() to enable Author Notices

Feb 14, 2016


Add Mess and Campaign Tables

Feb 14, 2016


Fixed an issues with setting logtime and Added some style to events

Jan 17, 2016


Add Event and Status Log Tables

Jan 16, 2016


Adds setting Send By Admin choice

Dec 19, 2015


Fixes line 143 object of none error

Dec 09, 2015


Major refactoring

Dec 08, 2015


Fixed a little glitch.

Dec 03, 2015


Fixed a few glitches.

Dec 03, 2015


Added more features to backend interface

Nov 24, 2015


Added admin interface to backend

Nov 15, 2015


Made buttons more user friendly

Nov 15, 2015


Fixed AJAX form code that prevented more than one component per page

Mar 23, 2015


Changed view variables to allow multiple components on page

Mar 22, 2015


Updated to be RC compatible

Mar 10, 2015


First version of Mailgun

Feb 14, 2015

Upgrade guide


  • Add List Groups
  • create_lists_tables.php
  • migrate_lists.php

Upgrading To 1.0.15

This is an important update that contains breaking changes.

Mailing lists are no longer stored in Mailgun Settings.

You must open up the Mailing list Controller and update the lists either from Settings, from Mailigun Server, or both in that order. There are buttons at the top of the controller to do this and the buttons can be disabled in settings.

Many major changes have been made to make it easier for you to maintain your mailing lists. This is especially true if you use the KurtJensen.Profile plugin because this update contains a "Mailgun Profile Panel" that allows users to control their subscriptions from the front end. It also monitors the user model for a change of email address and automatically updates the mailing list subscription to the new address.

Mailing lists should be assigned to user groups to automatically show users the mailing lists that are available to them based on the user groups they are members of.

Upgrading To 1.0.7

The Mailgun plugin now has an admin interface in the backend that allows you to do most mailgun tasks directly from October CMS.

To take advantage of this new functionality you will need to add your list names into the mailgun plugin settings. Settings->Mailgun->List Names

All subscribes from October are tagged by who added the user to the list. If it was the user who did it through the front end then the "HOW SUBSCRIBED" column will say "SELF" otherwise it will say "Admin(Admin Name)" if done from backend or "unkown" if done at the mailgun site (or before this version).

There is a tab in Users->Edit User called Mailgun that has a link to the new Mailgun controller which will allow you to admininster that individual user.

Please pay special attention to backend user and group permissions. You can fine tune which tasks admin users can do using (5) different permission settings.

What's Next

The next version will focus on a frontend form for sending mail to the mailgun list.

Upgrading To 1.1.0

After finding that many mail servers marked messages as SPAM when the server sent mail coming from other address with domains different from the mailing list, I decided to change the way mail is sent to the list from the Backend. This plugin now uses an administrator mail address like (postmaster@yourdomain.com) to send messages.

You will need to add administrator mail address into the settings.

You will also want to "ADD" and then "UNSUBSCRIBE" the administrator mail address to each of your lists so that Mailgun does not reject messages due to "Not A Member of Member Only List."

Mailgun lists do not respect the reply-to header. A short bit of text with a mailto:<reply@replyDomain.com> link is now added with reply instructions when a message is sent from Backend with a repl-to address.

Ther were many changes made for this version upgrade. Please report any issues and I will address them ASAP.

Thank you Kurt Jensen