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Why do I need this?

If you have multiple users controlling the back-end simultaneously, there may come conflicts. If two or more users are editing the same resource, the changes made by the first user will not be reflected to the other users. This can potentially lead to serious unexpected data loss and frustration for your users.


  • Blends into OctoberCMS as if it were a native feature
  • Interrupts the user if he is trying to save a record without having received the latest data
  • Provides confirmation to override existing changes or the option to cancel the update
  • Built with October - there are no external assets or dependencies

Compatible with OctoberCMS v2

The naming and motivation of this plugin were taken from the preexisting traffic-cop feature in Laravel Nova.


The plugin does not create any tables and is a simple plug-and-play module. It should work immediately after installation.


First version of BackendTrafficCop

Jul 11, 2021