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Why do I need this?

Are your clients constantly asking you where they can find this and that feature? As your Back-end grows, so does the difficulty of finding certain pages. The objective of this plugin is to improve productivity and make the back-end feel more complete and personalized.


  • Blends into OctoberCMS as if it were a native feature
  • Automatically detect the title and icon from the page
  • Seamless animations
  • Saves to the database and links to the backend user
  • Built with October - there are no external assets or dependencies

Compatible with OctoberCMS v2


Run the following command in your terminal after installing the plugin

php artisan october:migrate

This will create the kpolicar_backendmenupinnedpages_pages table.



Jul 08, 2021


First version of BackendMenupinnedpages

Jul 08, 2021