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Why do I need this?

Are your clients using the back-end in a public or an otherwise unsecure environment? With Backend Lock, you can quickly lock the back-end session without losing any data (field values, cache, cookies, session, storage) by simply pressing a button in the main menu. Once you're ready to resume, re-enter the credentials to your account and continue with your work.


  • Blends into OctoberCMS as if it were a native feature
  • Adds a convenient button to the main menu to quickly lock the session
  • Persists all of the data associated with the session
  • Built with October - there are no external assets or dependencies

Compatible with OctoberCMS v2


The plugin does not create any tables and is a simple plug-and-play module. It should work immediately after installation.


First version of BackendLock

Jul 21, 2021