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Backend extensions for October CMS

Backend extensions is an open source plugin for October CMS developed by JM Systems. We enjoy working with this platform so we decided that we will contribute parts of our work to the public.

This plugin contains widgets, behaviors and other backend goodies for faster development and better client experience.


  • Cards widget and controller behavior


Backend extensions package is licenced under MIT.

Cards widget used in a portfolio project.

Provided extensions

Cards - Controller behavior, Widget

Cards provide alternative to October CMS internal list controller behavior with different interface. As filters are not currently supported, this behavior should be used only with small to medium dataset. Search and pagination is supported.


To use cards you will need to put CardsController behavior to $implements in your controller. Because CardsController behavior implements index(), you will have to remove the default ListController behavior from your $implements if you used it before.

Cards use configuration file in a similar way to October CMS internal behaviors. First you will need to specify $cardsConfig member variable.

<?php namespace Acme\MyPlugin\Controllers;

use Backend\Classes\Controller;

class ControllerWithCards extends Controller
    public $implement = [
        'JMSystems\BackendExtensions\Behaviors\CardsController',  // behavior class

    public $cardsConfig = 'config_cards.yaml';  // controller config

The controller config file should look something like this:

title: ModelName
modelClass: Acme\MyPlugin\Models\DemoModel
recordUrl: 'acme/myplugin/controllerwithcards/update/:id'
recordsPerPage: 8
cards: $/acme/myplugin/models/demomodel/cards.yaml
noRecordsMessage: 'backend::lang.list.no_records'
  buttons: list_toolbar
    prompt: 'backend::lang.list.search_prompt'

As you can see, in the controller config we specify another two files:

  • $/acme/myplugin/models/demomodel/cards.yaml - the configuration file for the cards widget
  • list_toolbar - partial that contains buttons in toolbar

In the cards config you can specify how the fields of a model should map to fields of a card. For example:

  title: name
  content: description
  image: thumbnail

If you need to support removal of the entries, you will need to edit the toolbar template and add onclick and data-bex-cards-enable-selected from the following snippet to your delete button.

<div data-control="toolbar">
            class="btn btn-default oc-icon-trash-o"
            onclick="$(this).data('request-data', {
                checked: $.bex.cards.Cards.getSelected()
            data-request-confirm="<?= e(trans('backend::lang.list.delete_selected_confirm')) ?>"
            data-request-success="$(this).prop('disabled', true)"
        <?= e(trans('backend::lang.list.delete_selected')) ?>

That's it! You've successfully added a cards view to your backend.


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Mar 28, 2019