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Small and simple plugin to cope with GDPR on your website.

This is a work in progress plugin so please be patient if everything not work perfect.


  • Easily edit cookies groups and add JS code to be executed if the group is allowed
  • Simple Cookies bar component with optional modal popup
  • Manage cookies component to be used on GDPR pages
  • Fully translatable (with Rainlab Translate plugin)
  • Optional component output styling (Bootstrap 3 for now)
  • Import and export your prefered settings (or use default presets)
Cookies groups settings

Quick start guide


  • Install plugin.

  • Go October's settings page and click on GDPR > Cookies.

    • Go to tab Import and click button Import settings.
    • Go to tab Cookies, add your JS code to cookies group as you need.
  • Go to CMS part of October.

    • Add new Layout (or use your existing)
    • Add component Small GDPR > Cookies bar (inside of your body tag).
  • Go to CMS part of October.

    • Add new Page with URL /gdpr
    • Add component Small GDPR >┬áManage cookies (inside any of your tags)

Do not forget to add {% scripts %} tag to your layout page just before closing body tag! More info in October docs.

  • Open your website - cookies bar should be visible :)


Cookies groups

The main idea is to create groups of cookies and scripts you want to run on your website.

One or more groups can be set as Required. User cannot disable these groups in Manage cookies component and cookies will be always executed.

One or more groups can be set as Default enabled. Scripts in these groups will run without explicit user concent but can be disabled by user (eg. in Manage cookies component).

You can add your custom JS code and/or file to be executed when a cookies group is allowed (or required).

You can use your own code whenever you want (in layout, page or partial) - just check if a group is allowed by {% if sgCookies.necessary } where necessary is a code of your cookies groups.

Cookies bar

You can edit title and content of cookies bar.

If you want, you can allow default CSS styles.


You can add one or more buttons to your cookies bar.

One (or more) buttons can be set to Allow all cookies. Clicking on these buttons will set all cookies groups to be enabled.

Users can change cookies settings later on CMS page with Manage cookies component (like /gdpr).

One (or more) buttons can be set to Open modal window (currently supported only for Bootstrap UI style when set on Settings tab).

Manage cookies

Just add title and content and those will be shown above cookies groups listing in Manage cookies component.


Few general settings to be set.

Cookies expiration

Number of days for cookies to live in browser.

UI style

Change formating of output HTML code.


You can import settings presets from default files or your own.

You have to use YAML format.

Examples are in /plugins/janvince/smallgdpr/assets/presets/ folder.


Cookies bar

Should be used in your Layouts or Pages.

Hide Cookies bar

If you need to hide Cookies bar on specific Page or Layout, you can use View Bag on your Page this way:

hideCookiesBar = 1

Manage cookies

Put this component to your page with details about privacy (like /gdpr or /cookies).

Manage cookies component can be also added as a snippet to Static Page

Users will be able to change cookies settings.

My thanks goes to:
OctoberCMS team members and supporters for this great system.
Brooke Cagle for her photo.
Font Awesome for nice icons. OFFLINE for inspiration from his GDPR plugin

Created by Jan Vince, freelance web designer from Czech Republic.

  • Found the plugin useful on 16 Jul, 2020

    It's already a must have plugin! The ability to manage cookies' categories independently is such a great feature.

    Working on an implementation using TailwindCSS, I was afraid about the support but really well-surprised of the good design of the code (at least the components partial, didn't look yet the PHP code :) ).

    I will share my TwCSS implementation in this comment in few days for those who want.

    Thanks Jan Vince for the work!

  • author

    Replied on 17 Jul, 2020

    Thank you :)

    Best regards,



Added Twig support for Translate plugin (thanks evwerkz)

Aug 07, 2020


Fixed localization

Aug 05, 2020


Moved modal help-block div from label tag (to be HTML5 valid)

Jul 31, 2020


Fixed CookiesSettings model

Jun 29, 2020


Added sgCookies to Cookies Manage component (for case when you do not want to use Cookies Bar in your layout or page)

Jun 27, 2020


Fixed components file name case

Jun 25, 2020


Updated translation and docs.

Jun 23, 2020


!!! Cookies JS code placed in code window now requires <script> tags to be present! Please check your code.

Jun 23, 2020


Fixed folders and models name case

Jun 23, 2020


Fixed migration not working on new installs

Jun 23, 2020


Removed forgotten dump

Jun 23, 2020


Extended import tab to be able to use Media, own path or default preset file

Jun 23, 2020


Added option do have more scripts and files in scripts group (old scripts data are automatically migrated to the new structure)

Jun 23, 2020


Fixed import function

Jun 22, 2020


Import file can be now selected from Media panel

Jun 22, 2020


Added export settings function

Jun 22, 2020


Changed fields order in form

Jun 22, 2020


Added option to run JS only in production mode

Jun 22, 2020


Updated styling, removed unnecessary styles

Jun 22, 2020


Added optional cookies group script file to be executed

Jun 21, 2020


Updated hideCookiesBar check to support Static Pages

Jun 21, 2020


Added option to hide Cookies bar on specific Page or Layout with View Bag property

Jun 21, 2020


Fixed values checks in CookiesSettings

Jun 21, 2020


Added Default enabled option for cookies groups for cookies to be executed without explicit consent

Jun 21, 2020


Removed unnecessary line in Manage cookies component

Jun 21, 2020


Added Static Pages snippet for Cookies manage component

Jun 20, 2020


Removed option Default active

Jun 20, 2020


Fixed default active cookies group to be active even without explicit consent

Jun 20, 2020


Fixed default EN preset

Jun 20, 2020


Fixed sgCookies array

Jun 20, 2020


Fixed scripts

Jun 20, 2020


Fixed sgCookies array to reflect required cookies group state

Jun 20, 2020


Updated default presets and README

Jun 20, 2020


Added settings in modal window

Jun 20, 2020


First version of Small GDPR

Jun 19, 2020