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  • Miscellaneous
  • Utility

This is a simple plugin to organize galleries and images.

There are default components ready to be used in layouts or pages.


  • Hierarchical galleries tree *¬†Preview and gallery images from upload or Media manager
  • Gallery form can be customized in plugin Settings
  • Categories, Tags and Attributes for galleries

More features to come...

The following themes use this plugin:


GitHub clone into /plugins dir:

git clone https://github.com/jan-vince/smallgallery.git

OctoberCMS backend

Just look for 'Small Gallery' in search field in:

Settings > Updates&Plugins > Install plugins


You can set permissions to access each of a plugin parts.


First you should set up which fields will be visible in gallery form. Go to Settings > Gallery and check/uncheck available fields.

You can also set galleries list preview image height and width.


You can create galleries and organize them in a hierarchical tree.

There are components ready to use for galleries listing in Twig.


Here you can set up categories hierarchy (it is a nested tree).

There are components ready to use for categories listing in Twig.


Simple list of tags that can be assigned to records.


If you need a specific information for your records, here you can define a name of an attribute and it's type (string, text, number, switch).

If Attributes are allowed in Records list, you can select an attribute and add a custom content to it.

Access attributes in Twig

If you assigned one or more attributes to any record, you can iterate through them with Twig code like:

{% for attribute in record.attributes %}

    {{ attribute.name }} : {{ attribute.value }}

{% endfor %}

Or there are functions to get a specific attribute (or attribute's value) by slug like:

    {{ record.getAttributeBySlug('my-attribute-slug') }}

    {{ record.getAttributeValueBySlug('my-attribute-slug') }}



You can add a Galleries component to a page, layout or partial.

Gallery detail

You can add a gallery detail to your page, layout or partial.

Special thanks goes to:
OctoberCMS team members and supporters for this great system. Igor Ovsyannykov for his photo I have used in the plugin banner. Font Awesome for Camera symbol.

Created by Jan Vince, freelance web designer from Czech Republic.


Fixed translations

Apr 23, 2018


!!! Renamed categories components to prevent interaction with SmallRecords plugin. Please update your files to use component's names as -- categories -> galleryCategories, categoryDetail -> galleryCategoryDetail.

Apr 19, 2018


Fixed Update and new button.

Apr 13, 2018


Added missing translations

Apr 10, 2018


Fixed gallery list component

Apr 10, 2018


Added unique check for galleries slug

Apr 10, 2018


Initial version

Apr 10, 2018