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This plugin loads the whole facebook feed of some timeline. You only have to provide a application ID, page ID and the secret and this plugin will do the rest.


Just install it as usual. In order to use the facebookfeed component, you will need to abtain an App ID here: [https://developers.facebook.com/]. In "System > Settings" you will find a new area "Social Media > Facebook". There you can paste your App ID and secret. Furthermore you have to provide the pageID.

After the installation process, you will find five new components in your CMS area. These can be added to any page or layout, the integration works via the following code:

{% component 'alias' %}

Have fun!


Fixed FacebookSDKException handler (missing namespace import)

Oct 03, 2014


Added max description length parameter and minor optimations.

Oct 03, 2014


Added maxItems parameter to control the max number of posts to load

Oct 03, 2014


moved settings into db

Sep 29, 2014


First version of FacebookFeed

Sep 25, 2014