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PdfGenerator plugin is a OctoberCMS plugin allow to generate pdf from twig template. It uses knplabs/snappy.

Yet another PDF generator?

Yes, we decided to write another PDF generator. But this one differs a little from all out there. One thing is that it uses wkhtmltopdf and the second thing is that it is simplified as much as possible for OctoberCMS (no special requirements and messy code). What is more, it is dedicated to generate PDFs for frontend users and return them in OctoberCMS's AJAX (using routing that is almost transparent to user).

Configure environment

The very first thing to do is to set absolute path to wkhtmltopdf binary using WKHTMLTOPDF_BINARY in your .env file.

You are ready to go. But sometimes you may want to customize more .env variables:

  • PDF_TOKENIZE - boolean value to add pseudorandom 15 chars token to local filename. It does not affect downloaded filename so is set to true by default
  • PDF_DIR - path to store generated PDF files, default temp_path()
  • PDF_RM_AFTER_DOWNLOAD - remove local file right after sending to user, default true
  • PDF_RM_OLD - if you do not want to remove files right after sending to user, then maybe files older than
  • PDF_RM_OLDER_THAN - how long temporary files are remain in system in seconds (default 172800 - two days)

Example usage

In this example is onDownloadPdf AJAX handler that generates PDF using our plugin. As simple as that:

use Initbiz\Pdfgenerator\Classes\PdfGenerator;


 * OctoberCMS AJAX handler to download PDF
public function onDownloadPdf()
    $pdfGenerator = new PdfGenerator();

    //Set absolute path of the Twig layout
    $pdfGenerator->layout = plugins_path().'/initbiz/exampleplugin/views/pdf/pdflayout.htm';

    //Set filename for downloaded file
    $pdfGenerator->filename = "my-pdf";

    //Set data which will be sent to the layout
    $pdfGenerator->data = ['viewData' => 'Value of viewData'];


    return $pdfGenerator->downloadPdf();
  • Found the plugin useful on 28 Jun, 2018

    This is a great plugin! Thanks for the support getting this working as well.

  • Found the plugin useful on 22 Jun, 2018

    Published just when I needed it most. Fall from heaven.


Updated PdfGenerator class

Jun 21, 2018


First version of pdfgenerator

Jun 18, 2018