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The plugin helps with sending the newsletter.

The basic use case is as follows:

  1. A visitor on the page sees a subscribe-to-our-newsletter form
  2. Enters his/her e-mail address and ticks checkbox that he/she agree with
  3. He/she receives a message to confirm the e-mail address
  4. From now on, admin can send an e-mail to him/her
  5. If the visitor does not like the newsletter he/she can unsubscribe using the link included in every message

What is more:

  • Admin can manage checkboxes rendered with form so that there are required and optional checkboxes:
    • Required have to be checked by the visitor (in most cases this will be accepting regulations or policies),
    • Optional do not have to be checked. Using optional checkboxes we can give subscribers choice what type of messages they want to receive (our offer, news or just message categories).
  • Visitor can manage the message categories visiting manage newsletter page (and seeing optional checkboxes)
  • Admin can specify if he/she wants to send the message to all users, or just those who accepted the particular optional checkbox
  • Admin can save the message without sending it

The plugin makes you GDPR ready and is fully translatable (see Documentation).

Sign up to the newsletter.


  1. Create page for managing newsletter options by subscribers so that it has :email and :token variables (for example manage-newsletter with /manage-newsletter/:email/:token URL). Of course, those variables can be changed.
  2. Embed component NewsletterConfirm on exact one CMS page (Newsletter plugin will automatically look for a page that has the component and cache it for 10 minutes)
  3. Go to backend Newsletter -> Checkboxes and add checkboxes as your business requires
  4. Embed component NewsletterForm on the page you want to have form rendered on (landing page or just footer partial)

Do not forget to configure e-mail sending in your backend settings


The plugin supports translations for all elements (there are no hardcoded frontend contents) including AJAX responses and displayed errors.

Out of the box, there are only two languages:

  • pl - Polski
  • en - English

But of course, you can prepare your own translations.

E-mail templates

Out of the box, there are two e-mail templates you can to customize:

  • inibiz.newsletter::mail.subscription which is sent to those who want to become a subscriber
  • initbiz.newsletter::mail.message which is sent to subscribers

In subscription e-mail template you can use {{activationLink}} variable.

In message e-mail template you can use:

  • {{title}} - Title of message
  • {{content}} - Content of message
  • {{ newsletterLink }} - link for subscribers to sign out from newsletter

If you want, you can create your own e-mail template. While sending you just have to choose which one you want to use. The message e-mail template is just a default one.


Disable queues by default to keep legacy working

Apr 07, 2020


Add queue support, sending test e-mails and little cleanup

Apr 07, 2020


TinyInt fix

Sep 25, 2019


Nullable fix

Sep 24, 2019


DB engine added

Sep 11, 2018


Small type fix

Sep 11, 2018


Primary key name shortened

Sep 11, 2018


Creating and updating subscriber form backend

Aug 10, 2018


Minor fixes

Aug 09, 2018


Updated table initbiz_newsletter_checkboxes

Aug 09, 2018


Updated table initbiz_newsletter_checkboxes

Aug 09, 2018


Adding and removing checkboxes introduced

Aug 09, 2018


!!! Big changes in newsletter plugin. See upgrade guide before upgrading.

Aug 09, 2018


Error reponses using AJAX and some small fixes

Jul 05, 2016


First version of newsletter

Jan 25, 2016

1.0.2 -> 1.0.3

There were big changes introduced to newsletter here. Sorry it took so long to update.

The bad news is that while upgrading to version above 1.0.2 you have to be aware that agreements to optional checkbox all text in your previous checkboxes will be lost. So if you want to restore those agreements you have to make backup of data on your own, and than insert related models in initbiz_newsletter_checkbox_subscriber table using their ids.

The good news is that now the plugin is much more powerful than before and from now we are going to keep versions updating fully supported, so there will not be such bad news anymore :)


If you are using PostgreSQL than rename column sendTo to sendto before running update.