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With the plugin it is easy to send message to people who signed and confirmed their e-mail address.

See documentation for full review.

Backend sending message


The plugin helps sending e-mails to subscribers.

The main purpose is to send e-mails only to subscribers that confirmed their addresses and who accepted the text next to the first checkbox (usually regulations).


Subscribers can confirm they want to get news on e-mail and sign out from getting newsletter by clicking the link stored in newsletterLink variable.

Newsletter administrator cannot add or delete subscribers.

Newsletter administrator can save message without sending it.

Newsletter administrator can send messages to all confirmed subscribers or only to those who agreed with the text next to the optional checkbox.

Administrator can customize text displayed next to checkboxes (regulations and agreement).


Plugin supports translations for all elements (there is no hardcoded frontend contents) including AJAX responses and displayed errors.

Currently it supports two languages:

  • pl - Polski
  • en - English

Mail templates

There are two mail templates you will want to customize:

  • inibiz.newsletter::mail.subscription which is sent to those who want to became a subscriber
  • initbiz.newsletter::mail.message which is sent to subscribers

In subscription mail template you can use {{activationLink}} variable.

In message mail template you can use:

  • {{title}} - Title of message
  • {{content}} - Content of message
  • {{ newsletterLink }} - link for subscribers to sign out from newsletter

Actually newsletterlink and activationLink is the same link because of single component which handles both of actions (confirming and signing out).

How-to (frontend components)

Both of components described below use javascript function that appends content of AJAX response to HTML tag with id successMsg, errorMsg for NewsletterForm and successMsgNC, errorMsgCN for NewsletterConfirm. That way you can easily customize design of status message using surrounding divs for both error and success message.


This component is responsible for displaying form for people who want to became a subscriber. It will display e-mail text field, submit button and two checkboxes:

  • requiredCheckbox
  • optionalCheckbox

You can customize content displayed next to the checkboxes in Settings -> Newsletter -> Newsletter. You can use HTML there.


This component is responsible for getting e-mail address and token from URL and display two things:

  • Thank you for registering message right after e-mail address confirmation
  • Sign out button after visiting the page next time


  1. Create page we want users to use to manage their subscription (for example manage-newsletter) and set URL to /manage-newsletter/:email/:token
  2. Embed component NewsletterConfirm on page
  3. Go to Settings -> Newsletter -> Newsletter and set your newly created manage-newsletter page in select page list.

Future plans

  • Adding and removing checkboxes next to the subscribe-form in NewsletterForm component

Error reponses using AJAX and some small fixes

Jul 05, 2016


First version of newsletter

Jan 25, 2016