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The plugin has been created to help you understand how CumulusCore plugin works.

It may be used with Cumulus theme to boost the creation of the SaaS app.

The plugin is created just for demonstration purposes, to show you how Cumulus works and behaves with example functionality and data. It is not required by Cumulus to work.

See it in action in the following video:

Cumulus demo video thumbnail

Right now the plugin has only one purpose: seed CumulusCore based application with example data and configure the environment.

To do this you have to run php artisan cumulus:seed command.

The command will seed some initial, example data that will make Cumulus theme work. It will:

  1. register two features: initbiz.cumulusdemo.free_feature and initbiz.cumulusdemo.paid_feature,
  2. create a Free plan with access to free_feature only
  3. create a Full plan with access to free_feature and paid_feature
  4. create cluster ACME corp. with Free plan
  5. create a Foo Bar cluster with Full plan
  6. seed example user (with demo@example.com / demo credentials) and give him access to both clusters,
  7. configure auto assigning users to:
    1. create new clusters based on company name given in register form
    2. assign new clusters to the free plan
  8. configure user settings to:
    1. sign in using e-mail
    2. throttle attempts
    3. allow user registration
    4. automatically activates newly registered users

First version of CumulusDemo

Oct 16, 2018