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This plugin extends functionality of Cumulus Core plugin.

Using this plugin you can send announcements (and e-mails) to users in your Cumulus Core based application.

Announcements are notifications for users, so it is a great way to inform our users about:

  • new features in our system,
  • sales in application,
  • new regulations (ave GDPR :) ),
  • just new messages to our users, based on their clusters and plans as well :)

You can specify if you want to send the announcement to:

  1. all users,
  2. only to selected ones,
  3. only to those in selected clusters
  4. only to those in selected plans

This way the announcement will be displayed only to users that are in group that you specified.

Adding new announcement. Publish only to users in cluster InIT.biz sp. z o.o.

In component UserAnnouncements all of user's announcements (personal, his or her cluster's, his or her clusters' plans) will be displayed. See screenshots for better understanding.

You can also send e-mail to every one of those groups. You do not have to publish announcements in their frontend space. Of course it is possible to both send an e-mail and publish the announcement in their frontend.

Remember to uncheck Send e-mail switch while updating announcement if you do not want to send another email to users.

The plugin is fully translatable, right now there are only English and Polish translation available.

User will be notified in his or her frontend after login to your system.


There is a component named UnreadAnnouncements that injects all of unread announcements for user with Bootstrap modal styling and small bell icon which shows number of unread messages.

Second component renders list of all UserAnnouncements.

Third component AnnouncementDetails is meant to be embedded on page that shows one announcement. If user visits page with this component, the message is automatically marked as read by him or her. He or she can also delete the message here.

Being unread, read or deleted is state - relation between announcement and user. So deleting announcement by user does not actually delete the message. Just hides the message for the user.

Future plans

  1. Add automatic announcements (on events?)
  2. Mark as read button working AJAXly
  3. Integrate with push notifications

!!! Cumulus 2.0.0 compatibility. Read CumulusCore upgrade guide before applying

Nov 08, 2018


Removed unnedeed dependency

Oct 05, 2018


Better functionality. Minor fixes.

Jun 28, 2018


New version of repository

Jun 21, 2018


Optimized query

Jun 08, 2018


Added delete and mark as read functionality

Jun 08, 2018


Fixed mail sending with variables

Jun 04, 2018


Initialize plugin.

May 30, 2018