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  • Added on May 30, 2018
  • Current version: 2.2.1
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x use latest
    October CMS v2.x use latest
    October CMS v1.x use latest
  • License: Regular / Extended
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Example announcements page


You can specify if you want to send the announcement to:

  1. all users,
  2. only to selected ones,
  3. only to those in selected clusters
  4. only to those in selected plans

You can specify if you want to send an e-mail or publish the announcement. You can send e-mail, publish them in the system or both.

Remember that sent e-mails cannot be unsent. If you have sent e-mails and want to update the announcement then remember that if you do not uncheck the Send e-mail switch, the e-mail will be sent again.

Note for developers

From the developer's point of view, announcements are always dedicated to a group of users and with those users, the relation in DB will be stored. Remember though that this is not users() relation to get users that the announcement was dedicated for. In DB we are storing relations with users, clusters and plans to properly render the views in backend and to keep it clean. While saving the announcement users_to_announce() relation will be filled with the users and the information if they have marked the announcement as read or deleted.


Announcers are rules that define automatic announcements. Plugins register their own announcer types, for example, Cumulus Core registers New user registers announcer type, while Cumulus Subscriptions registers Subscription expires announcer.

More Announcer types will be added on request or our demand, do not hesitate to ask for more.


Fix bell icon

Jul 08, 2022


Change the default component views to Tailwind

Jul 07, 2022


Register truncate Twig filter

Jul 07, 2022


Fix caching array

May 23, 2022


Fix composer dependencies

Oct 11, 2021


Add validation to announcer and fix component views

Oct 25, 2019


Bug fix

Oct 25, 2019


Small fixes

Sep 24, 2019


Add announcers

Sep 23, 2019


Upgrade to v.2, see the upgrade guide

Sep 23, 2019


Cumulu 3.0.0 compatibility

Sep 10, 2019


!!! Cumulus 2.0.0 compatibility. Read CumulusCore upgrade guide before applying

Nov 08, 2018


Removed unnedeed dependency

Oct 05, 2018


Better functionality. Minor fixes.

Jun 28, 2018


New version of repository

Jun 21, 2018


Optimized query

Jun 08, 2018


Added delete and mark as read functionality

Jun 08, 2018


Fixed mail sending with variables

Jun 04, 2018


Initialize plugin.

May 30, 2018

The announcementRepository was removed. The methods from there were mostly moved to the Announcement model:

  • getPublished -> Announcement::published()->get()
  • getAllUsersUnreadAnnouncements -> Announcement::unreadByUser($user)->get()
  • markAnnouncementRead -> $announcement->markAsReadBy($user)
  • markAnnouncementDeleted -> $announcement->markAsDeletedBy($user)

There were also added a few very handy methods to the model so check it out to find more cool stuff.

The announcementManager trait was removed.

The UnreadAnnouncements component was removed. Right now UserAnnouncements injects unread announcements as well.