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Materialize CSS based plugin for OctoberCMS

Do you know Materialize CSS?

With this plugin you can insert Materialize CSS components into your pages. You have to download and install jQuery and Materialize CSS framework. You can download Materialize CSS from here: Materialize CSS

There are 4 components that you can use with this Plugin:

  • Parallax component
  • Carousel component
  • Collapsible component
  • Card component

See the Documentation tab for details.

You can add your component to your page like a component and also you can insert the component like a Snippet in your pages made with RainLab Pages Plugin.


Here you can read documentation about the Materialize components:

  • Carousels

  • Collapsibles

  • Parallaxs

  • Cards

  • 4 Components available (Carousel, Collapsible, Parallax and Card).

  • Carousel options:

    • Full width Carousel
    • Full Scree Carousel
  • Collapsible options:

    • Popout Collapsible
    • Accordion Collapsible
    • Expandable Collapsible
  • Parallax options:

    • Customize height of parallax
  • Card options:

    • Default card
    • Horizontal Card
    • Reveal Card
    • Card Panel

All the components can be customized with colors based on the color palette of Materialize CSS.


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Mar 12, 2017


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Mar 12, 2017