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Easily manage your clients, contacts and meetings.

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Create client

Store all much needed details about your clients.Make your life easier managing client data such as address,email,phone,skype,vat id and more.


Create contact and save it on specific client to keep track of your contacts. You can describe what is contact about and after how it ended. Multiple options for status as postponed,declined,successful,failed.


Meetings feature allows you to create meeting for client. You can even schedule meeting in future and get email notification day before as a reminder. Describe what will the meeting be about and after it ends describe how it went. Set statuses same as on contacts.


You can opt to use email notifications when new contact or client is created and even subscribe for notifications so you get email for contact or meeting you have to do tomorrow. Very clean and neat way to keep up your game in busy times.


On front page of plugin you can find simple statistic about contacts and meetings just to see how well are you doing. Numbers are defined by statuses on contact or meeting.

Plugin is written for our internal use so it's more leaning on Laravel way of coding.

Scheduler implemented in 1.0.2. version. Check the docs to set up cron jobs. Set in cron how often and when the email notifications should be sent.


  • Client
  • Contact (relation with client)
  • Meeting (relation with client)
  • Settings (email settings)


  • Client
  • Contact (can send email notification)
  • Home
  • Meeting (can send email notification)

Don't hesitate to leave reply (even bad ones) we appreciate every feedback. If you need any assistance we will give our best to help you.


Bug fix

Apr 05, 2019


Minor updates, bug fixes and new scheduler feature

Apr 05, 2019


First version

Mar 30, 2019