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Ideas Shop plugins is simple, flexible shopping cart. There are some features:

  • Three types product: simple, configurable, downloadable product
  • Category
  • Filter, Filter Option : color, size, brand, ....
  • Coupon
  • Review
  • Payment method: Cod, Paypal, Stripe
  • Shipping, tax
  • Filter navigation (in simple themes)
  • Onepage checkout (if you use our simple themes)
  • Easy to extends and customize
  • ....


Document full in ideaspro.net
Support: [email protected]
Skype: ideaspro247
forum support: topic

Link demo frontend
Link demo backend
user/password : demo/demo123

Theme simple

These plugin(s) are required for the plugin:

Create product


  • First, you install this plugin: Rainlab User plugin
  • Then, you install ideas shop plugin: Ideas shop plugin
  • You can install demo template of ideas shop : Ideas shop theme
  • Config mail : Settings (of octoberCMS) -> Mail configuration -> config your mail method (Send mail, SMTP, ....)
  • Config mail templage: Settings (of octoberCMS) -> Mail Templates -> config mail of ideas shop (prefix ideas.shop::*) to layout 'Ideas Shop Mail Layout'


  • To create product, you have to create tax class first (default is nontaxable class)
  • in field 'Quantity' : left 0 if you not manage stock
  • If you create configurable product, you have to create filter and filter option first


  • Click to button 'not paid' to change payment status to 'paid'
  • In the right top corner, there is button 'return order'. When you click this button, you will use function 'return order'
  • You can return each product individually with checkbox 'Check'
  • If you don't want to reverse quantity of this product, you can un-check checkbox in column 'Qty reverse'

Config Default

Go to Settings -> Config Default
You can config something here:

  • When you generate coupon code, you can config prefix of coupon code and length of code
  • You can choose mail method between 'send' and 'queue', default is 'send'. If you can access to server, you should choose 'queue'
  • You can enable 'paypal' and 'stripe' payment method in tab 'payment'
  • In tab 'Downloable Product' you can choose:
  • Download once : if this config is enable, so your customer just can download your product 1 time. Then link will be expired.
    =>If this config is disable. Your customer can download your product in 24 hours
  • Download right after checkout: if this funcion is enable, your customer can be receive email download immediately after pay

Config plus

Go to Settings -> Config Plus
You can config something else if you want

Theme manager

Go to Settings -> Theme manager
field 'type' has two value 'text' and 'image'.
With type 'image' , you can add 1 image or many images (gallery)

Tax class

Go to Settings -> Tax Class manager
Before create a tax class, you have to create tax rate (Settings -> Tax Rate manager)


Go to Settings -> Coupon Manager
Create coupon:

  • field 'type' : percentage or fixed amount
  • field 'Number can be used' : number times coupon can use, leave 0 if unlimited
  • field 'Number times used by a customer' : number times one customer can use, leave 0 if unlimited
  • field 'category' : category is applied by this coupon, leave empty if apply for all
  • field 'product' : product is applied by this coupon, leave emtpy if apply for all
  • field 'Is Logged' : does this coupn need logged in user ?

Mail layout

Settings (Of october cms) -> Mail template -> Layouts -> Ideas Shop Mail Layout
=> you can change html and css in tab 'HTML' and 'CSS'


remove table config when uninstall plugin

Jun 21, 2018


fix bug when uninstall plugin

Jun 21, 2018


fix bug when enable cache

Jun 06, 2018


Initialize plugin.

Jun 05, 2018

  • 1.0.1 : Initialize plugin
  • 1.0.2 : fix bug when enable cache