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This plugin will add share button to your single page and blog post.

Supported Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • .. more to come! Request

If you have issue using this plugin please create on GitHub


  1. In the backend panel, go to System -> Updates.
  2. In the box to the left of Install Plugin, type Hariadi.Share
  3. Click Install Plugin.

Social Share for Blog Post required the RainLab Blog plugin. The plugin was tested with with default demo theme.

Adding the share button

To add the plugin's share code to your website just drop the Share Component to your CMS page or blog post and add {% component 'shares' %} code to after the page/blog post tag:


title = "Example"
url = "/example"

<p>Example how to adding share button to page.</p>
{% component 'shares' %}

Blog Post

Example from RainLab Blog

title = "Blog Post"
url = "/blog/post/:slug"
layout = "default"

[blogPost post]
paramId = "slug"

function onEnd()
    // Optional - set the page title to the post title
    if (isset($this['blogPost']))
        $this->page->title = $this['blogPost']->title;
{% if not blogPost %}
    <h2>Post not found</h2>
{% else %}
    <h2>{{ blogPost.title }}</h2>

    {% component 'post' %}
    {% component 'shares' %}
{% endif %}

Manage Social Share Plugin

You can globally enable/disable social media provider in the back panel, go to System -&gt; Settings and look for the section named Social Share. Social Share also can take parameter to override media social individually.

{% component 'shares' facebook="false" %}
  • Found the plugin useful on 30 May, 2018

    For people that are having problems with this plugin : there are no social image, you have to use your own library and add (for example) fa fa-facebook to the icon-facebook element to display fontawesome facebook icon. So you have to override the component view first, and use it like this :

    <i class="fa fa-facebook icon-facebook"></i>

    Add every icon the same way and you would be able to use the plugin.

  • Found the plugin useful on 25 Aug, 2016

    Sort of useful, but I had to change the icons, (not much work), it would help if they also mention the link to what icons they use.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 7 Aug, 2016

    Just installed this plugin and it doesn't work. Only shows a 'share' button with no links to actually share the post.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 5 Sep, 2014

    Still broken :(

  • Found the plugin not useful on 27 May, 2014

    Totally broken... Doesn't show any share buttons at all with the latest build.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 25 May, 2014

    The latest update broke opting out of sharing choices, it now always shows Facebook even though I have it disabled.


Add LinkedIn, Reddit and Digg (icon dependent)

Jun 18, 2017


Add Tumblr (@bkrajendra)

Jun 17, 2017


Support onRender

May 25, 2014


First version of Share

May 20, 2014

In the backend panel, go to System -&gt; Updates &amp; Plugins.


php artisan october:up