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Plugin Installation Via CLI

Step 1: Run plugin installation command

php artisan plugin:install GodSpeed.Essentials

Step 2: Install plugin dependencies

cd plugins/godspeed/essentials
# grant execute permission for installation bash scripts
chmod u+x install_plugin.sh

Step 3: Run composer command in OctoberCMS project directory

user@server october: composer  update --lock

Step 4: Once plugin gets installed "GodSpeed Essentials" menu item should present in the backend admin navigation bar

Configure YouTube Data API Key

Since our plugin video manager relies on the video metadata given by the YouTube data API, an API Key is required to allow metadata can be fetched from YouTube DataAPI.

To obtain the API Key please navigate to Google Developer Console create your project enable YouTube Data API in the API Library, once enable create an API credentials in API and Services Credentials and place the credentials in the GodSpeed Essentials Settings Page.

For the production environment, to ensure the API Key security please enable the application restrictions and only bind your OctoberCMS project domain.

Lazyload Image Twig Filter

Our plugin does provide lazyload twig filter, which generates a small size image either from a file or media library by using image intervention library which can increase the webpage loading performance on frontend.

{# For Media #}

{{ my_image  | media | lazyload(480, null)}}
{# For Files #}

{{ my_image.getPath() | lazyload(480, null)}}

Default component markup

By default, all plugin components markup design is based on GodSpeed Flametree Theme.

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Plugin Components

AllProducer Component

The all producer component render a list of producers, information such as categories can be eager loaded by specify include_categories properties with the value of 1. Number of producers record can be limited by specific limit properties, if value specified as 0 which indicate there is no limit to display all the producers.

Component Usage

include_categories = 1
limit = 4

{% for producer in producers %}
    <p>{{ producer.name }}</p>
{% end %}

Events Component

The events component render a list of events. If user is logged in, the component will display the events based on the user group and any events that doesn't attach with any user_group.

Component page variables

timelines - The aggregated events timelines group by year month events - A list of events based on selected timeline or the current months eventPage - The event page instance eventPageSlug - The event page slug key

Component Usage

monthname_field = "scope"
event_page = "volunteer/event"
event_page_slug = "{{:slug}}"

{% component 'Events' %}

Event Component

The event component will render a single event record based on event slug or id which specified in the component properties.

The component will determine whether the event is accessible from the user by checking on current logged in session user groups. If the user doesn't in the event's users groups a 404 error will be thrown.

Component page variables

event - The event object

Component Usage

searchBy =  "slug"
searchKey = "{{ :slug }}"

{% component 'Event' %}

Training Component

The training component will render a single training record based on training slug or id which specified in the component properties.

Same as Event component, the component will determine whether the training is accessible from the user by checking on current logged in session user groups. If the user doesn't belongs to the training's users groups a 404 error will be thrown.

Component page variables

training - The training object

Component usage

searchBy = "slug"
searchKey = "{{:slug}}"
{% component 'Training' %}

Trainings Component

The trainings component which render a list of trainings based on the current logged in member session's user group, it also supports pagination by specify perPage properties in the trainings component.

Component page variables

trainings - The trainings array, instance of LengthAwarePaginator trainingPage - The training page that each training record will be linked to trainingPageSlug - The training page slug key

Component usage

perPage = 10
training_page = "volunteer/training"
training_page_slug = "slug"
{% component 'Trainings' %}

Allproducer Component

The AllProducer component render a list of producers, a limit can be specified in the components properties.

Component page variables

producers - The producers array producerPage - The producer page name that each producer records will be linked to producerPageSlug - The producer page slug key

Component usage

include_categories = 1
limit = 0
producer_page = "producer/products"
producer_page_slug = "slug"
{% component 'AllProducer' %}

FaqCategories Component

The FaqCategories provide a collection of faqs categories with loaded faqs based on the selected faq category.

Component page variables

categories - List of faq categories faqs - A collection of faqs based on the current selected faq category.

Component usage

category_parameter_key = "category"
{% component 'FaqCategories' %}

ImageSlider Component

The ImageSlider component render an image slider markup based on the label specified in the component properties.

label = "homepage-slider"
{% component 'ImageSlider' %}

VideoSection Component

The VideoSection component render a video player with a set of videos based on the video playlist specified in component properties.

Component page variables

videos - The videos array playlist - The VideoPlaylist object

Component usage

playlist_name = "playlist"
autoplay  =  1
{% component 'VideoSection' %}

Fix a problem when there is a user session, public announcements page doesn't load any posts that is public.

May 30, 2020


Fix an error get thrown while loading the getCurrencyOptions in Product Model.

May 24, 2020


Adding default value configuration in settings page, support assign default value such as timezone and currency for product.

May 21, 2020


Fixing unknown class name 'qrcode' error occurred by injecting QRCodeServiceProvider into plugin register method.

May 21, 2020


Remove Arcane SEO plugin dependency

May 21, 2020


Fix plugin system roles doesn't get seed to database issue causing plugin doesn't show up in menu bar

May 21, 2020


Fix phone number unable to update issue in UpdateProfile component, due to update the incorrect field name phone_number instead of godspeed_essentials_phone_number in User model.

May 20, 2020


Create Product and Categories

May 16, 2020


Create QR Code Manager

May 16, 2020


Create Referrals Table

May 16, 2020


Create Trainings Table

May 16, 2020


Load factory seeder, scaffold team member alter rainlab_blog_categories for extending RainLab.Blog Plugin

May 16, 2020


Create image slider table and load the image slider seeder

May 16, 2020


Create faqs and faqs categories table

May 16, 2020


Create videos and video_playlists table

May 16, 2020


Alter users table for extending RainLab.User Plugin

May 16, 2020


Create producers and producer_categories table

May 16, 2020