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Google Authenticator


The plugin allows your users to protect their accounts using Google Authenticator. Activating protection is an easy and hassle-free process for users.


  1. Easy Setup with no overhead configurations

    • Just enable the setting in the backend and your users can start protecting their accounts.
  2. Reset 2FA QR Code

    • In cases where the user wants to reset his QR Code the plugin provides an option for it.
  3. Recovery Codes

    • In cases, where the user has lost his phone he/she can make use of recovery codes to do that.

Upcoming features

  • [ ] Integration with the Rainlab.User plugin

Configuration Options

The plugin contains some configuration settings which you may find useful. If you wish to request some additional settings you can put a feature request

Enable Google Authenticator

Allow users to enable google authenticator for their account

Verification Code Page

Plugin Documentation

You can find the complete documentation of the plugin at https://oc-googleauthenticator.fytinnovations.com


Minor Bug Fixes

Aug 21, 2021


Add Recovery Codes

Jan 16, 2021


First version of Google Authenticator

Jan 16, 2021