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  • Security

Multi-Factor Authentication is the practice of adding an extra authentication step - often requiring use of a separate device such as a smartphone. What this means for you is that even if your login credentials are somehow obtained by a third party, they still would not be able to log in without also obtaining your MFA device. Multi-Factor Authentication is essentially to any website owner who values site security.

Logging In with MFA

  • Enter your login credentials as normal
  • Open Google Authenticator on your phone (Android, iPhone) and enter your 6-digit code.
  • You're now logged in!

Setup Instructions

  • In the backend, go to My Account in the top right.
  • Check the Use Multi-Factor Authentication? checkbox.
  • Generate an MFA Secret and scan the generated barcode using Google Authenticator (Android, iPhone).
  • Enter two security questions and answers - these will be used when you don't have access to your phone.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the form.

Once set up, Google Authenticator will display a continually changing set of 6 digits. When you next log in, you'll need to enter the currently showing number.


Deprecated method call fix

Oct 22, 2017


Case sensitivity fix

Oct 15, 2017


Make user fields nullable

Sep 29, 2016


Rainlab.User bug fix

Oct 02, 2015


Compatibility with v204

Sep 14, 2015


Initialize plugin.

Apr 24, 2015