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This plugin adds a signature fields to OctoberCMS.

  • Easily add a signature to your forms on both the front and backend.
  • Store signature in a table as a string that can be recalled, displayed and printed.
  • A table is also provided that can be used to store signatures and extended as a relation to your own tables.
  • Example Component is include so you can quickly figure out how to use it for your own application.

Signature from Laptop Trackpad


( Installation code : fireunion.signature )

Download the plugin to the plugins directory and logout and log in back into October backend. Go to the Signatures page in the backend and add your signatures.

Add signature to your own model

  • Create a field as

    ( adjust field name as desired ).

  • In fields.yaml for your model:
        type: signature
        width: 500 #( optional )( 500 is default )
        height: 150 #( optional )( 150 is default )
  • In columns.yaml for your model you should probably not try display the signature but instead create a partial that indicates that it is not empty.

Add signature to your own component

There is a Signature component included in the plugin to use as an example to show you how you can easily add signature forms to front end. Basic steps:

  • Add

    use \FireUnion\Signature\Traits\Signature;

    to your own component.

  • Use

    $options =['name'=>'your_field_name','clear'=>'oops... Start Over'];
    $this->page['sigField'] = $this->signatureField($options);

    to add a signature field

    • Valid options:
      • name - Field name( optional )( 'signature' is default )
      • value - The string representing the signature image as returned from the signature field and stored in database.( optional )( null is default )
      • width - Width of signature area. Larger area makes a longer stored string in DB.( optional )( 500 is default )
      • height - Height of signature area. Larger area makes a longer stored string in DB.( optional )( 150 is default )
      • uid - A unique id to tie some fields together with JS. ( optional )( random 6 character string is default )
      • clear - Text shown on the clear signature button.
  • In your partial or view file display the field using {{ sigField|raw }}.

  • Provide a save proceedure for the text returned by the form field.

  • Display a signature by using

    <img src="{{ sig_field_value }}" alt="signature" />

    in a view or template.

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Update to jquery 3.x Fixes Jquery onload error.

Jun 22, 2018


Fixes - Class name is not registered for the component "Signature". Check the component plugin.

Jun 19, 2018


First version of Signature

Mar 12, 2018