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Simple plugin for displaying QR Code, originally based on jsqrencode and neocotic.

This library requires HTML5 to work as its <canvas> element is used to render the QR code.


  • Renders a QR code in an HTML <img>.
  • Saves a QR code, which has been rendered for a given value, to the user's file system .
  • Returns a data URL for rendered QR code.


Install the plugin directly from the marketplace Go to October Backend Settings->Updates->Install Plugins Type EDPS.QrCode and install the plugin.

Property Description Default
Background Background colour to be used #4040FF
Foreground Foreground colour to be used Black (i.e. #000) #FFECB3
Level ECC level to be applied (e.g. L, M, Q, H) Q
Size Module size of the generated QR code (e.g. 1-10 — actual size of the QR code symbol and is scaled to 25 pixels) 7
QR Code text Value to be encoded in the generated QR code Empty string (i.e. "") Jean Marc BRUNO, EDPS

What is ECC?

ECC (Error Correction Capacity) levels represent the amount of data that can be restored if the QR code symbol is smudged or damanged. There are four ECC levels ranging from L (smallest) to H (best).

L Low Approx. 7% of codewords can be restored
M Medium Approx. 15% of codewords can be restored
Q Quartile Approx. 25% of codewords can be restored
H High Approx. 30% of codewords can be restored


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