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Easy implementation feedback/contact plugin.


Easily configure more than one channel for your feedback forms. Configuring and using Channels, you can add various type of forms on your website.


Feedback was designed to be extendable, so you can create your own or use 3rd party channels. You can create a channel for example send messages to your Slack chat alerting your development team about a bug. Or add a task to a Trello board for your support team.

The possibilities are infinity.

October CMS Feedback Plugin

This plugin intended to solve the miss of communication between you and your website's visitor. From the simple contact form to a complex feedback about a product that you are selling. It uses configurable channels to specify how and which method you want to receive the messages.


Simple search for eBussola.Feedback and install it.

The basic component template uses a javascript alert to show response messages from the backend. It is quite ugly, but for who don't know how to code, it is a good start.

However, the messages are stored on the Flash Bag too, so you can use the it to display messages. See https://octobercms.com/docs/markup/tag-flash


Feedback uses Channels to communicate with you, you choose the best one for your needs and configure it.

By default, and for convenience, it will also save the messages on the DB too. (you can disable it)

After the installation, go to Settings > Channels (under Feedback's section). You will notice that you already have one Channel configured. It is the basic Channel that uses the Email and DB, sending for your Admin's email. Reconfigure as you want or create another one.

Once configured, go to your page editor (Menu CMS) and add the Feedback Component.

Of course all snippets can be customized, they are used just to faster the development and to be used as a guide.


Channels are the way you want to receive and how you want to receive the messages.

Each Channel uses a set of configuration. Of course it depends on the Channel you want to use.

Feedback comes with 1 Channel, the Email Channel.

Working with messages

On the Feedback menu option you can list all your messages. You can archive your "done" messages by selecting and clicking on "Archive". Or just open the message and click "Archive"

You can list all your archived messages too.

If you have more than one Channel, you can filter the messages on the filter based on the top of the list, just before the list headers.


This section is for developers only

If you want to develop a Method to use with Feedback's Channel, you need to create a Class and implement the Method interface (\Ebussola\Feedback\Classes\Method).

Basically you have to add field(s) to Channel's form and customise the Channel model depending on how your Method works. And of course, develop the behavior of your Method.

You can read more about how to extend forms and models on October's documentation.

Extending form behavior: https://octobercms.com/docs/backend/forms#extend-form-behavior

Extending models: https://octobercms.com/docs/database/model#extending-models


Better localization and added Russian language (Thanks to side-by-side/Pavel)

Jun 06, 2016


update.yaml correction

Apr 04, 2016


Class name correction

Feb 04, 2016


Bugfix of column method_data. varchar(255) was not enough changed to longtext

Feb 02, 2016


Bugfix of column method_data. varchar(255) was not enough changed to longtext

Nov 18, 2015


Introduced Group Channel

Nov 11, 2015


Fixed: NoneMethod didn't exist

Oct 29, 2015


Fixed: Channel didn't load Method fields.

Oct 14, 2015


Changed from html editor to twig editor (just the syntax settings)

Oct 14, 2015


Added replyTo (thanks to ribbsousa).

Sep 29, 2015


Added template and subject field to Email Method. + Added warning message when a channel doesn't exists anymore.

Sep 22, 2015


added simple alert for form responses + documented how messages work in feedback plugin + added support for multiples emails

Sep 14, 2015


More options for component + introduced Channels + Save feedbacks on Database

Jul 13, 2015


First version of feedback

Nov 17, 2014