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This plugin adds a image header with breadcrumbs to your pages.

This plugin has no dependencies and supports Rainlab Static Pages.

Simply install the plugin and include the component to the layout of your page. (I would recommend placing it right under the navigation bar.)

In the plugin itself you can choose the page you would like a header in (It detects all CMS and Static Pages) and upload an image.

The plugin will then do an attempt to automatically generate a breadcrumbs path.

if you want the house icon include font awesome in your stylesheets.

That is all!

The breadcrumb generation is somewhat of an experiment. if i missed anything feel free to place a feature request on the GitHub page


Fix for not properly displaying static pages.

Apr 21, 2021


Properly formatted the page title in the list and optimised code.

Feb 18, 2020


When creating or editing a page header only pages without a header will show up.

Oct 14, 2019


Fix for not properly deslugging the url in the navigation of subpages

Aug 30, 2019


Changed lang folder name to en

Jul 29, 2019


Crop images to the right size

Jul 29, 2019


Add Rainlab Static Pages support

Jul 29, 2019


Initial release

Jul 29, 2019


Initialize plugin.

Jul 29, 2019