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A Dtworldclock is a plugin that can be easily set to display date and time of multiple timezones.Supports date and time formatting .You can show up to 4 different clocks using this plugin. All settings are available from backend panel.

Features at glance

  1. Clean and simple but very functional plugin to show worldclock.
  2. It is adjusted for Daylight saving time rules. You can show up to 4 clocks.
  3. Time format can be 24h or 12h.
  4. Let you choose if the displayed timezone and city/country name should be displayed or not.
  5. Whether or not seconds should be displayed.
  6. Whether or not the current date should be displayed and if yes, then in what format.
  7. Multiple Date formats are available.
  8. Whether to display leading zeros in Hours.
  9. Clock layout can be change either vertical or horizontal.
  10. Can easily customize the design of clock with the css present in this plugin.
Worldclock backend

A world-clock based on Javascript and PHP. By using PHP together with Javascript this clock can get the time for 4 specified timezones through PHPs much more advanced date() function and then keep the clock going with javascript.


  1. Download the dtworldclock plugin.
  2. Install the plugin from the backend or copy the downloaded zip to your project's plugins folder and unzip it.
  3. Keep this directory structure in your root's plugins folder (/plugins/deligenceTechnologies/dtworldclock).
  4. You can get the dtworldclock plugin in the backend's menu.
  5. Click on the backend dtworldclock plugin menu . Now you can manage your clock settings as per required .
  6. You can place this worldclock component in any page using drag or drop from backend or by place this line in your page {% component 'worldClock' %}
  7. Refresh the chosen page in which you have placed this component on frontend.
  8. Now dtworldclock is visible at website.
  • Found the plugin useful on 30 Jan, 2017

    Very useful and clean plugin . It would be better if there are circlular clocks .

  • Found the plugin useful on 29 Jan, 2017

    It works as intended, just be sure to know HTML and bootstrap first.


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