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Content editing made easy

This plugin is an improvement to samuels great Content Editor. It provides the same features as this plugin but comes with super powers.

History is the future

Although OctoberCMS is a flat file system CMS, some users would like to edit content but with revisioning. Here you are...almost. If an content has a history you will see the icon highlighted and can jump back to a revision.

Image upload as easy as drag

Now you can offer your clients (or use it in your own development process) the possibility to simply drag images in the place to be. Therefore your project should use UIKit - the greatest UI-Framework...in my opinion.

There will be a more detailed documentation but by now there is only this little snippet to show what is possible:

{% for i in [1,2,3] %}
          {% component 'imageuploader' item=this.page.id~i class="uk-background-cover" leaveOpen=true size=1700 attributes='uk-height-viewport=offset-top:true' tag="div" %}
               <div class="uk-position-bottom-left uk-position-large uk-light">
                   <h1>{% component 'contenteditor' file='header/link'~i~'.htm' fixture="span" %}</h1>
{% endfor %}
  • Found the plugin not useful on 30 Jun, 2020

    Looks promising... but documentation would really really be helpful! So far, I'm not able to make it work properly...

  • author

    Replied on 30 Jun, 2020

    I know and I am really sorry that I didn't make it so far. But you can contact me if you need help. Please write an E-Mail to mail@dasrotequadrat.de.


Only allow specific user to access image-uploader

Jun 06, 2022


Only cache images if in production mode

Jan 31, 2022


Add requirement for ToughDeveloper.ImageResizer

Nov 23, 2021


Cache Images

Nov 23, 2021


Latest bugfixes

Nov 09, 2021


Add revisions.

Mar 17, 2020


Initialize plugin.

Mar 17, 2020