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  • Added on Jun 2, 2014
  • Current version: 1.0.1
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This plugin provides support for the More Tag as is used in Wordpress:

<!--more MESSAGE-->

This more tag can be written while redacting a Blog post, an article or whatever long text you want to keep hidden at a first glance, or while listing several texts together.

This provides more flexibility to write introductions to articles, as it supports all the MarkDown and HTML markups. And leaving the excerpt field provided in the RainLab Blog component for the meta-description as it does not support any markup.

"Read More" written in the middle of a blog post. In this case it's using the message "Leer "más".


  1. Check out the repository to the plugins directory of your October setup.
  2. Exist and login again at the backend to refresh October's plugin cache.

Or you can get it seamlessly installed in your October project visiting the October Marketplace.


Insert the More tag into your blog posts, articles... like:

Blah blah introduction to the topic...
<!--more Continue Reading-->
More text here that only will be seen when displaying the full article...

And apply the untilMore Twig filter on you layout, partial or page:

<p class="excerpt">{{ post.content_html|untilMore('post'|page({'slug': post.slug})) }}</p>

which results in:

Blah blah introduction to the topic...
<a href="">Continue Reading</a>


Custom link message

The message to appear at the end of the introductory text is customizable at the time of writing the own text. Inserting whatever message you want after the more word.

<!--more MESSAGE-->

If no message is supplied the link will not be visible.

Custom link destination

The page to which the Read More link has to point can be set by passing the URL to the argument of the untilMore filter.


If no URL is supplied then an ellipsis is shown.


First version

Jun 02, 2014


First version

Jun 02, 2014