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The Backend Skin Plugin will help you changing all backend UI for October CMS. You can change all backend matters, From core backend pages to plugin pages.

You can also change all assets.

Note: This will not change the original file of octobercms.

Why use the plugin?

Most of us want our admin dashboard to be look different. It also help us to get more clients.

And you can change everything without changing the original file of octobercms.

How to get start?

Getting started is just simple. Simple because all you need is to add backend folder in your current theme.

Your next step is to got documentation.

The following themes use this plugin:

Getting started

Creating a new skin for your backend need to have existing theme.

First you need to create backend folder in your own current theme.

Folder structure

- theme
--- current_theme
----- backend
------- assets
------- config
------- layouts
------- views
--------- modules
----------- backend
----------- cms
----------- system
--------- plugins

Note: All folders are optional, just add folder to what you need.

Note: The plugin will not replace all file inside specific folder. The plugin will add a asset path and view paths if the file that you need was existing in your custom backend.

Equivalent of the folders

assets : We request you to add this folder for your custom assets (eg. image, js, css).

layouts : This folder will contain your file where you add your own layout. This will be equivalent to modules/backend/layouts.

views : Here where all views and assets of each modules and plugins. Here you can change the controller partials and assets. And even widget assets and partials.

How to customise

Customizing your backend is just easy, all you need to know is the file structure on where the view or asset is located.

Note: Same location and same file name thats how you do it.

Example 1

You want to change the default in modules/backend/layouts/default.htm

All you need to do is to create new file in your layout folder namely default.htm and you can edit it now.

Remember: laoyuts/default.htm in layout is the default layout use of all pages in backend.

Example 2

You want to change the partial in plugin. All you need to do is to find the partial file and check where its located.

Lets use the rainlab user if the page/partial is located at /plugins/rainlab/user/controllers/users/index.htm now in your custom backend it will be located at views/plugins/rainlab/user/controllers/users/index.htm.

That it you can now edit the file and do what ever you want.

Everything will do in all assets and views.


The theme will take effect immediately.

The question is how you will change your backend theme? For now there are 2 methods.

First is to change your theme.

Second is to add query _skin in your url. The _skin must be equal to your desired theme. This will not affect your front end theme.

The second method also will save a cookie so that if you will go to other page of your backend you dont need to add _skin query again.

To use the octobercms default skin, the value of _skin will be octobercms

Feature Development

This version was just the core part of the plugin that will change all assets and pages that you want do change in your backend.

The next step for this is to provide you where you can easily switch backend theme via ui.

And for more feature I also planning to add an editor where you can edit via backend.

To contribute for this plugin. Just checkout the plugin from https://github.com/cydrickn/octobercms-backendskin.

Happy coding guys.

  • Found the plugin useful on 21 Sep, 2018

    Hey Cydrick Nonog,

    Awesome plugin!

    I'm trying to change: ~/modules/backend/controllers/auth/signin.htm.

    I added to the theme:


    but it does not work.

    It is possible to modify it?


  • author

    Replied on 23 Sep, 2018

    Hello Blajan Adrian,

    Thanks for the review of the plugin. I just added new version. You can update the plugin for the fix, The new version is 1.0.4


  • Found the plugin useful on 5 Apr, 2018

    Awesome plugin, for me it worked perfectly for backend layouts, but not for widgets or plugins. I had to change one of the lines, in your plugin's boot function :

    $newViewPath = str_replace(base_path(), '', $origViewPath);

    ltrim had unexpected results

  • author

    Replied on 15 Apr, 2018

    Good day Jérémy Le Mardelé,

    Thanks for your review. It's solve the problem, ltrim was removing the m in modules. So I do what you said to use str_replace(base_path(), '', $origViewPath);


  • Found the plugin useful on 28 Dec, 2017

    This is so awesome, thank you so much! Took me a moment to understand that when extending FormWidgets you need to put it into {theme}/backend/views/modules/backend/formwidgets, but other than that it's super easy to use. Great work!

  • author

    Replied on 30 Dec, 2017

    Thank you for the review


Fix modules theme customization

Sep 23, 2018


Update PluginEventSubscriber.php

Nov 26, 2017


Update Event Dispatcher

Nov 26, 2017


Initial Backend Skin

Nov 11, 2017