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This is a OctoberCMS plugin to place a Trusted Shops badge on your site. It supports the badge, the product reviews and the product ratings through the backend configuration of OctoberCMS.


  • Easy configuration in the backend section
  • Separate configuration for badge, product reviews and rating stars
  • Each has its own component to be included separately
  • Translations included for German and English
Configuration of your Trusted Shops ID

After installing the plugin please have a look into the configuration under Settings / Misc / Trusted Shops. Your own Trusted Shops ID is mandatory to be filled in to make the plugin work. The most basic / default values have already been configured for you. Of course you can alter each of them individually via the appropriate tabs in the settings section.

To display the badge, reviews or product stars please insert the respective component in one of you pages.

Badge component snippet:

{% component 'tsBadge' %}

Product reviews component snippet:

{% component 'tsReview' %}

Product rating stars component snippet:

{% component 'tsRating' %}

To get the correct product reviews and stars please check that you entered a valid sku (stock keeping unit) as component parameter. Please also make sure that the parameter has the correct format, only alphanumerical (A-Z, 0-9) are allowed, don't put quotes.


Converting locale field to dropdown, add missing locales Trusted Shops can handle

Jun 13, 2016


Improving and adding German translations, fixing wrond validation of badge width and height

Jun 11, 2016


Adding proper validation for badge width and height fields.

Jun 11, 2016


Fix validation rules.

Jun 10, 2016


Initialize plugin.

Jun 06, 2016