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This plugin provides a middleware that automatic resizes images to arbitrary max width, generates responsive dimensions, adds watermark and captions to all locally served images in your html.

All image copies are saved in your public temp path. Remote file systems are currently untested.


At the moment all processing is done on the fly without using any cache - allowing you flexibility but at the same time be careful since it will add additional loads on your server (see documentation under todo section).


Basic settings

How it works

When request is made plugin check for local images in response HTML. All found images are processed based on settings and then HTML with replaced image paths is sent to the client.

NOTE: this is done on every request so it could mean significant loads on your server


Go to Settings -> System -> Image King and edit appropriate settings under all tabs.

Exclude certain image from processing

You can define exclude class in settings. If you would use default noProcess class then in your blog you could use

![1](/storage/app/media/example.png "this is title that could be used as caption"){.noProcess}

Bug report

It is very likely that there will be bugs with some specific html markup. If you encounter such a bug, please report it on GitHub.

Give back

If you like this extension please let me know -> rate it 5 stars. Thanks :)

Future plans

  • only generate new image if it doesnt exist in temporary folder already
  • special button under settings allowing to purge temporary folder
  • generation of appropriate HTML on blog post save instead on client request
  • special button under settings allowing to regenerate all HMTL from blog posts
  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Nov, 2018

    I need create various thumbnails for my project. Other plugins I check doesn't support thumbnails in Editor (RichEditor, CKEditor...). This plugin work great with auto generate thumbnails with srcset in clever way. It would be nice if watermark have opacity option.

    I like it very much, thank you.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 14 Jan, 2017

    Documentation? Dependency? Anyway, I can't make water mark working with Rainlab Blog plugin!

  • author

    Replied on 17 Jan, 2017

    Hey frank, this extension comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee so I will gladly refund the full amount you have paid for it ;)

    Seriously, extension is offered free of charge. However I do expect people to invest at least 5 min of their own time to set it up and to be technically competent. If they still cant do it I would expect at least to get ASKED for help. You have github wiki where you can freely write down what bothers you and community or myself will help.


bug fix with cache

Feb 06, 2017


clear temporary assets cache button

Nov 18, 2016


permission added code200.imageking.modify_settings

Nov 18, 2016


Cache -> dont process images if they already exist

Nov 18, 2016


Private paths support

Nov 09, 2016


Captions support

Nov 09, 2016


Watermarking working on frontend

Nov 09, 2016


Initialize plugin.

Nov 09, 2016