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Icônes Form Widget

Access thousands of SVG icons as a backend form widget.

One library, over 100,000 vector icons, Modern replacement for icon fonts. Fast, easy to use.


You can check out live demo on Icones Finder demo

Icônes FormWidget

Advantages of this form widget

Every time I use icon fonts, end users don't find them appealing, or even they don't find what they want. Styling was challenging, with SVG icons you can apply classes and style them as you want.

There are many excellent icon sets available, some are available only as fonts and almost all of them load entire set even if you are displaying just few icons.

Icônes combines all those icon sets (more than 100) that makes it possible to use many icons from different icon sets on same page or in same application using one form widget.

Icônes combines pixel perfect rendering of SVG with ease of use of glyph fonts, while offering more choice than any glyph font.

You don't need to load any dependency at all.

You can use Font Awesome, Material Design Icons, Unicons, Dashicons, Emoji, ... and many other icon sets on same page or application using one form widget.

Just after installation, Icon sets are not installed

Icônes Form Widget for October CMS

Access thousands of SVG icons as a backend form widget.

One library, over 100,000 vector icons, Modern replacement for icon fonts. Fast, easy to use.



Simply install the plugin from the marketplace, if you run into problems because of composer dependencies, please use one of the following methods.

From GitHub repository

Clone the repository https://github.com/chkilel/icones-plugin from GitHub into the plugins folder, then run the following commands in the project’s root directory:

composer install
php artisan october:up


If you prefer Composer, run the following commands in the project’s root directory:

composer require chkilel/icones-plugin
php artisan october:up

How to use

Icones registers a new backend form widget named iconesfinder.

You can access the Form Widget in your model's fields.yaml file or as Custom Page Fields for static pages by using iconesfinder as the field type.

  • Usage example via yaml config:
        label: My super awesome icon
        type: iconesfinder
        showName: true
        showIconSetName: true
        size: large
        placeholder: -- Choose your icon --
        iconSets: # Icon sets to choose from, the icon sets must be enabled in the settings area
            - mdi # Material Design Icons
            - ant-design # Ant Design Icons
            - emojione # Emoji One (Colored)
            - logos # SVG Logos
    {variable   type="iconesfinder"
                label="My awesome icon"
                placeholder="My placeholder"
                tab="My tab name"

Please pay attention to the spaces for Custom Page Fields, there is no space between the option, the equal sign = and the value

Field Options

For each field you can specify these options:

Option Description Default if not set
showName Optional: Show the name of the icon beside the SVG in the field. Options: true, false. true
showIconSetName Optional: Show the name of the icon set beside the SVG in the field. Options: true, false. true
iconSets Optional: (abbreviated name of the icon set). Define the icon sets to choose from, the icon sets must be enable in the setting area. see available icon sets bellow for available options. If it's not set, the user can choose from all enabled icon sets. All enabled icon sets in the settings area
size Optional: Specifies the field size. Options: small, large. Normal size
placeholder Optional: The text to show when nothing is selected. -- Choose an icon -- Translated string.

Form field showName option

Show the name of the icon in the field.

Value Appearance
true showName set to true
false showName set to false

Form field showIconSetName option

Show the name of the icon set in the field.

Value Appearance
true showIconSetName set to true
false showIconSetName set to false

Form field size option

Set the size of the field.

Value Appearance
small small field size
(Defaul if not set) narmal field size
large large field size

Form field iconSets option

For iconSets option, you can choose one or more from the possible values below, if not set, the user can choose from all enabled icon sets in the backend settings:

Possible values Icon set real name Total icons
akar-icons Akar Icons 363
ant-design Ant Design Icons 788
bi Bootstrap Icons 1386
bpmn BPMN 112
brandico Brandico Font 45
bx BoxIcons 1525
bytesize Bytesize Icons 101
carbon Carbon 1840
ci coolicons 412
cib CoreUI Brands 830
cif CoreUI Flags 199
cil CoreUI Free 554
clarity Clarity 1096
codicon Codicons 374
cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Icons 471
dashicons Dashicons 343
ei Evil Icons 70
el Elusive Icons 304
emojione Emoji One (Colored) 1834
emojione-monotone Emoji One (Monotone) 1403
emojione-v1 Emoji One (v1) 1262
entypo Entypo+ 321
entypo-social Entypo+ Social 76
eos-icons EOS Icons 239
et Elegant 100
eva Eva Icons 490
fa Font Awesome 4 678
fa-brands Font Awesome 5 Brands 457
fa-regular Font Awesome 5 Regular 151
fa-solid Font Awesome 5 Solid 1001
fad FontAudio 155
fe Feather Icon 255
feather Feather Icons 286
file-icons File Icons 929
flat-color-icons Flat Color Icons 329
flat-ui Flat UI Icons 100
fluent Fluent UI System Icons 8566
fontelico Fontelico 34
fontisto Fontisto 615
foundation Foundation 283
fxemoji Firefox OS Emoji 1034
geo GeoGlyphs 30
gg css.gg 704
gis Font-GIS 336
gridicons Gridicons 201
grommet-icons Grommet Icons 614
healthicons Health Icons 1485
heroicons-outline HeroIcons Outline 230
heroicons-solid HeroIcons Solid 230
ic Google Material Icons 9520
icomoon-free IcoMoon Free 491
icon-park IconPark 2422
icon-park-outline IconPark Outline 2422
iconoir Iconoir 941
icons8 Icons8 Windows 10 Icons 234
il Icalicons 84
ion IonIcons 1332
iwwa Innowatio Font 105
jam Jam Icons 940
la Line Awesome 1544
line-md Material Line Icons 250
logos SVG Logos 1236
ls Ligature Symbols 348
lucide Lucide 491
majesticons Majesticons 420
maki Maki 204
map Map Icons 167
mdi Material Design Icons 6031
mdi-light Material Design Light 267
medical-icon Medical Icons 144
mi Mono Icons 180
mono-icons Mono Icons 180
noto Noto Emoji 3310
noto-v1 Noto Emoji (v1) 2157
octicon Octicons 454
oi Open Iconic 223
openmoji OpenMoji 3914
pepicons Pepicons 316
ph Phosphor 5206
pixelarticons Pixelarticons 460
ps PrestaShop Icons 479
radix-icons Radix Icons 297
raphael Raphael 266
ri Remix Icon 2271
si-glyph SmartIcons Glyph 800
simple-icons Simple Icons 1992
simple-line-icons Simple line icons 189
subway Subway Icon Set 306
system-uicons System UIcons 420
tabler Tabler Icons 1298
teenyicons Teenyicons 1200
topcoat TopCoat Icons 89
twemoji Twitter Emoji 3556
typcn Typicons 336
uil Unicons 1206
uim Unicons Monochrome 296
uis Unicons Solid 189
uit Unicons Thin Line 214
uiw uiw icons 214
vaadin Vaadin Icons 636
vs Vesper Icons 159
vscode-icons VSCode Icons 1084
websymbol Web Symbols Liga 85
whh WebHostingHub Glyphs 2125
wi Weather Icons 228
wpf Icons8 Windows 8 Icons 200
zmdi Material Design Iconic Font 777
zondicons Zondicons 297
<span> Total icons for all icon sets 102 443


After installation, go to Backend &gt; Settings &gt;icones or type icones in the search field.

Initially, none of the icon sets is installed, you need to install the icon sets you want to allow the end user to use.

Setting page

  • You can enable installed icon sets:

Disable icon set

  • Disable enabled ones:

Enable icon set

  • Or completely delete an icon set.

Please note that to delete an icon set, you need to disable it first.

Disabled icon sets cannot be deleted


The plugin registers two backend permissions to manage Icônes.

  • Access Icônes settings : allow the user to enable and/or disable icon sets.
  • Manage icon sets installation end deletion : allow the user to install and/or delete icon sets.

Icône permissions

Usage in Twig template

Icônes plugin register a new filter iconify() to use in your templates, the filter generate an SVG icon.

Twig filter options

iconify filter optionally accept an object with key:value paires to generate the SVG. It will use default if used as {{ my_var|iconify }} without providing any parameter, The options to use are listed below.

Examples of usages:

    {{ my_var|iconify }} {# Default options from stored value #}

    {{ my_var|iconify({'height': '24px', 'class':'w-10 h-10' }) }}

    {{ my_var | iconify({
                    'height' : '24px',
                    'width' : '24px',
                    'align' : 'center,middle,meet',
                    'color' : '#ff8000',
                    'rotate' : '90deg', // same as "'rotate' =>  1" or "'rotate' => '25%'"
                    'flip' : 'horizontal', // same as "'hFlip' => true"
                    'box' : true

   {#  Height and width will be set from viewBox attribute, using original icon's dimensions#}
   {{ my_var | iconify({ 'height' => 'auto'}) }}

Options detail

Key Description Default Options
class The css class to apply to the svg tag CSS class to apply
width, height Dimensions of icon. If only one attribute is set, another attribute will be set using icon's width/height ratio. If value is "auto", icon's original dimensions will be used. If both width and height are not set, height defaults to "1em". "1em" String such as "1em", "24px" or number.
hFlip, vFlip Flip icon horizontally and/or vertically. false true or "true" or "1" (string or boolean),
flip Alternative to "hFlip" and "vFlip" String, value can be "horizontal", "vertical" or "horizontal,vertical"
rotate Rotation. Value can be in degrees "90deg" (only 90, 180 and 270 rotations are available), percentages "25%" (25%, 50% and 75% are aliases of 90deg, 180deg and 270deg) or number 1-3 (1 - 90deg, 2 - 180deg, 3 - 270deg).
inline If true, code will include vertical-align style, making it behave like a glyph. false true or "true" or "1" (string or boolean),
color custom color string to replace currentColor. This is useful when using icon as background image because background image cannot use currentColor
box If true, icon will include extra rectangle matching its view box. false true or "true" or "1" (string or boolean)
align Alignment. This is useful if you have custom width and height set. Unlike other images, SVG keep aspect ratio (unless stated otherwise) when scaled. Value is comma or space separated string with possible strings (example: "left,top,crop"): [ left, right, center -> horizontal alignment ], [top, middle, bottom -> vertical alignment], [crop -> crop parts that go outside of boundaries], [meet -> scale icon down to fit entire icon (opposite of crop)]

Usage in PHP

The icônes plugin value can also be used easily in PHP, with the obove options as follows:

use Chkilel\Icones\Classes\JsonIcon;

$icon = new JsonIcon($value);
$icon->iconify(['inline'=>true, 'height'=>36]);

Usage in Backend List

The icônes plugin can also be used on backend lists, it defines a new Column Types iconesthumb with the option to give a height (in px) to the output, e.g.

    label: My awesome icon
    type: iconesthumb
    height: 36

iconesthumb Column types with height option


Move core CSS to the plugin for better compatibility

Aug 24, 2021


Fix a typo in version.yaml preventing installation

Aug 24, 2021


Refactor mapIcon to accept jsonIcon variable type instead of arrayIcon variable type

Aug 24, 2021


First version of Icônes

Aug 22, 2021