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The plugin will be useful for SEO promotion. You can create unique sets of products with your own url and meta tags. Unlike analogues, it does not require manual binding. You only need to activate the necessary filters. The plugin will generate a set of products by itself.

The plugin requires the Filter For Shopaholic plugin to work.

Additional features. Support for the search bar filter. This requires the Search For Shopaholic plugin.

Getting bundles

Create properties and sets of properties in the settings section.

Create bundles in the product bundles menu.

BundleList component

1. By category ID

{% set bundles = BundleList.getByCategory(1) %}

There will be bundles that are linked to the specified category of goods.

2. Get by bundle ID

{% set bundle = BundleList.getByID(1) %}

1 bundle will be received by its category

BundlePage component

2. Get by bundle slug

{% set bundle = BundlePage.get() %}

Bundle model

The bundle model property.

  1. id
  2. slug
  3. name
  4. title (using as h1 title)
  5. meta_title
  6. meta_description
  7. description
  8. is_active
  9. category (category model relation)
  10. min_price (min price filter)
  11. max_price (max price filter)
  12. search_string (Search field data)
  13. product_property_list (Product filter data)
  14. offer_property_list (Offer filter data)

product_property_list and offer_property_list can be used to set active filter values. The data set in it corresponds to the data set in the documentation for filters for a shopaholic.

The bundle model methods

  1. bundle.getProducts() - Get products from bundle.
  2. bundle.makeGetQuery() - Generate a valid query string with GET parameters.

The makeGetQuery() method can be useful in special cases. For example, in asynchronous filters.


Removed the option to select an empty value in the category field. The code has been cleared

Nov 12, 2021


Added category property fields

Oct 27, 2021


Create migrations

Oct 27, 2021


Init ProductBundle

Oct 27, 2021