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This plugin will allow your back-end users to create FAQs and implement them directly in to you twig templates.


  • Sortable questions, move questions in to the order in which you want them to appear
  • Multiple FAQ support, create as many FAQs as you need!
  • Simple straightforward workflow
  • Rich HTML editor for answers
  • Insert FAQ data directly in to your templates using a component

Creating a FAQ

  1. Choose the FAQ icon from the nav bar
  2. Click New FAQ
  3. Optionally give the FAQ a name
  4. Add questions by clicking the Add Question button and filling out the form.
  5. Save the FAQ and make a note of the Id number that is created.

To reorder the questions, make sure you have saved the FAQ first and then click the "Reorder Question" and drag the questions to the correct order and hit save.

Using FAQs in your Twig templates

  1. Make a note of the Id of the FAQ that you want to use
  2. In your template add the FAQ component and set the FAQ Id to the number of the FAQ you want to display
  3. In you template content add something like;
    <h1>{{ faq.title }}</h1>
    {% for item in faq.questions %}
        <h4>{{ item.question }}</h4>
        <p>{{ item.answer|raw }}</p>
    {% endfor %}
  • Found the plugin not useful on 23 Dec, 2019

    Instantly presented with error messages making this plugin unusable.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 26 Dec, 2017

    "Call to a member function getContent() on null" on line 328 of /var/www/devs.demo.octobercms.net/public_html/modules/cms/controllers/index.php help me ?


Database maintenance. Updated all timestamp columns to be nullable.

Nov 09, 2016


FAQs now have 'slugs' which means you don't have to rely on the FAQ id from the database

Oct 24, 2016


Add rich text to question

Oct 17, 2016


Create initial tables

Sep 07, 2016