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October's flat file template and content system is a fantastic selling point, and this plugin is designed to complement that.

Sometimes it just makes more sense to keep some content in a database. Maybe you want to lock down the flat files and only allow editors to change certain content? Maybe there's a technical reason that you can't keep all your static content in a file. Hopefully this plugin will help you.

This plugin is intentionally simple, if you need something a little more configurable it's possible to extend this plugin. I will be putting out an extended version of this plugin which will demonstrate how to add a few more features soon.

Adding blocks

Use the DBContent tab to add blocks of HTML, each block will need a key which will allow you to add the block to your template. The key can be anything you like, but ideally something that is descriptive and not too long

Using blocks in your templates

Add the DBContent Static Block component to your template Page, Layout, Partial or Content, just by clicking on it from the list of components. Then in your template markup add {% component 'dbcontent' key='your_key' %}, where your_key must be identical to the key in your database.

You can have as many static blocks in you template as you like. You only need to include the actual component once.


Locked down various actions with permissions

Aug 18, 2016


Create initial table

Aug 17, 2016