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This plugin works great with my Room Booking plugin.

This simple plugin allows you to create simple Bootstrap 4 galleries and has a very user-friendly interface for adding and ordering images.


  • Bootstrap 4
  • user-friendly interface for adding and ordering images
  • attach galleries to page by name or :slug (e.g. for a Blog, Webshop or Room Booking)


To install from the Marketplace, click on the "Add to Project" button and then select the project you wish to add it to before updating the project in the backend of your website to pull in the plugin.

To install from the backend, go to Settings -> Updates & Plugins -> Install Plugins and then search for Briddle.Gallery.

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Getting started

  1. Install Briddle.Gallery

Galleries component

This component shows all your galleries.

Gallery component

This component shows a Bootstrap 4 carousel with your images.

  • you can add a title and description to your images and
  • you can order images by dragging
  • you can either include a gallery to a page by name or by :slug


As always you can set permissions for this plugin in Settings > Administrators


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Sep 27, 2018


First version of Gallery by Briddle

Sep 27, 2018