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This plugin allows you to offer downloads in exchange for a valid email address. These addresses are added to the users table of the User plugin in order to be compatible with as many other plugins as possible (email marketing, CRM, ...). I hope this plugin will be of use to you for converting visitors to leads.

As always, any feedback is much appreciated. Just send me a message!

YES CONFIGURE FORM (name, email, phone, mobile, company, address, city, zip, country)
BETA SUPPORT FOR Form Builder Plugin


To install from the Marketplace, click on the "Add to Project" button and then select the project you wish to add it to before updating the project in the backend of your website to pull in the plugin.

To install from the backend, go to Settings -> Updates & Plugins -> Install Plugins and then search for Briddle.Convert.


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Table of contents

Getting started

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Conversion Form Settings to configure the form and select the file you want to offer as an attachment in your mail
  2. Setup a mail template called briddle.convert::mail.download
  3. Include the component on your page


Including the component

Include the component Conversion plugin > Form in your page or layout.

  1. Go to CMS > Pages or CMS > layouts and select the page or layout you want to add the component to.
  2. Select the component from the left column and drag it to wherever you want it to appear inside your page or layout
  3. After you have included the component, it appears both inside your HTML and at the top of the page or layout. Optionally click the component at the top of your page or layout to configure it.
  4. Do not forget to save your changes


This component will save the email address (and optionally the name, phone, mobile, company, street_addr, city, zip, country) supplied by the visitor to the users table of the User plugin and send them a file. This email address can then be used as a lead. For instance in my CRM Pro plugin.

If a user with the same email already exists no new user will be created.

All form fields are also available in the mail template

Using the Form Builder Plugin instead of the component (Beta)

You can also use the Form Builder Plugin instead of the default component. You do not need to add the convert component. The Convert Pro plugin uses an event to overwrite the Form Builder plugin form handling. You still need to setup a mail template called briddle.convert::mail.download and specify a file to use as attachment.

If a user with the same email already exists no new user will be created.

Make sure you only use field names that are supported by the User and User Plus+ plugins and that you include a field named convert in your form. Only forms that contain a field named convert will be handled by my Convert plugin.


Added permissions

Mar 07, 2019


Added label and type to form builder and support for translations

Mar 04, 2019


Conditional overwrite of formBuilder.beforeSendMessage.

Mar 04, 2019


Experimental support for Form Builder plugin.

Mar 04, 2019


Additional fields.

Feb 27, 2019


Initialize plugin.

Feb 23, 2019