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LinkCheck Plugin for OctoberCMS

Schedules a task to check for broken links in database fields and/or CMS pages.


  • Checks for broken links within database fields and CMS text files
  • User controls which fields to check
  • User controls which response codes should be logged
  • User controls task scheduling


A link status report can be found in the backend Settings tab.


  • Check for relative/dynamic links
  • Report line number on links within CMS files.
  • Translate plugin

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Link report

Available settings:

Time mask: Enter value as you would when setting up crontab in UNIX. Default: * * * * *. Please visit crontab.org for more information. Please note that the plugin uses the scheduler feature of October, so scheduling should be properly set up for this to work. Check the documentation for more information.

Response codes: (under "Which HTTP response codes should be reported?"). By default, only Client and Server errors are reported (broken links, response codes 400-511). However, you may also configure the plugin to log successful responses and redirections (response codes 200-308). Technically, the plugin does not check for broken links but just reports all links that match the selected response codes.

Check links within CMS files?: (checkbox). When selected, the plugin will scan through the current active theme files for links within the selected status.

Database fields: The plugin will scan for available database fields in all plugins. The plugin will go through every link found in the database for the given fields.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 13 Nov, 2019

    WARNING: This plugin has an error, when I added this plugin it failed all my currently running cron jobs and gave this error: [InvalidArgumentException] is not a valid CRON expression. When I turned this plugin off the error goes away. I currently have a dozen other plugins running cron jobs fine!

  • Found the plugin not useful on 27 Mar, 2018

    Seems like a come in handy plugin, Only i can't select a database field because i have plugins without a models folder. There should be a check because a models folder is not required for a plugin, like the Rainlab.Pages plugin for example. this makes it not useful.


Updated table bombozama_linkcheck_broken_links

May 15, 2017


Quick fix for unsupported Pivot models

May 11, 2017


Implemented i18n

Nov 19, 2015


Run database operations

Nov 16, 2015


First version of LinkCheck

Nov 16, 2015