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Testify from Blackpig Creative provide an easy way for creating and managing client testimonials and displaying them on your website. Easily customisable, testimonials can be displayed as a list or using a carousel (using Bootstraps carousel).


  • Create tags to match sections or pages of your site and filter the testimonials to be displayed by the selected tag.
  • Customise how the client accreditation is configured.
  • Easily customisable to use alternative carousels (e.g Foundation Orbit Slider) and styling
  • Fully compatible and integrated with Rainlabs Translate plugin
Accreditation mask


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Creating Testimonials

Click the New Testimonial button. The minimum required fields are the client's first and last names and their testimonial. To associate the testimonial to tags, ensure that the tag exists (see below)

Creating Accreditation Masks

Click the New Mask. Give the mask a name and then select which items you want to display for this mask. An example mask will show you how the accreditation will display. There must always a default mask, you cannot delete the default mask. There can only be one default mask.


Tags are just a simple list of words that can be associated with testimonials. You need to create the tags before selecting them in the testimonial

The Testimonials Component

The testimonials component is how you display testimonials on your front-end. Add the component to your page and set the following options:

Choose Testimonials

This option determines how you want to select the testimonials to display, the options are:

  • set a number - choose the maximum number of testimonials to display. The testimonials will be selected in a random order.
  • by tag - choose a tag to filter the testimonials by. All testimonials with that tag will be displayed in a random order.
  • an individual testimonial - choose an individual testimonial to display

Set Selected Choice

This option determines which testimonials will be displayed based upon the choice made in the option 'Choose Testimonials' above

Display as

  • Carousel/Slider - loop through the testimonials using a carousel/slider
  • List - display the testimonials as an unordered list If there is only 1 testimonial returned then it will be displayed as a list


When displaying items as a carousel how do you wan them to transition

  • Fade
  • Slide

Animation Speed

How long should the carousel wait before transitioning between testimonials, time is in ms.

Accreditation Mask

Select your pre-defined Accreditation to choose how the accreditation will display

Custom HTML

You can override the Testify templates in your theme. The main container is the 'default.htm' which includes a call to the partial '_testimonial.htm'. To override these add them to the following folder of your theme: Themes/theme_name/partials/testimonials or alternatively you can add your custom HTML to your page, ensure you include the component on the page:

selectBy = "count"
carousel = "slider"
transition = "fade"
animationSpeed = "7500"
mask = "1"

Note that the mask option is the record id and not the name.


Fix to component no scripts

Mar 09, 2015


A couple of small fixes no scripts

Mar 09, 2015


First version of Testify

Mar 02, 2015