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Allows for the creation of JSON-LD FAQ content for Google and other JSON-LD compatible search engines. This allows site developers to provide answers to frequently-asked questions in the context of a page.


  • Easy management of questions and answers within October CMS.
  • Compatibility with CMS Pages and Static Pages from the RainLab Pages plugin.


This plugin must be installed with the Meta Plugin to provide a mechanism for injecting the JSON-LD content in your site. You will need to place the "jsonLdList" component in your layout or page in which you would like the JSON-LD content to appear - this should generally be added within the <head> tag on your website. You must also ensure that the "escape" parameter is unticked.

Set up Meta Plugin

Once the Meta Plugin is installed, you will need to add the jsonLdList component to the template that will display the JSON-LD content. This should generally be a layout or partial that contains the <head> tag content.

Add the component to this template, then use the following tag in the template content:

{% component 'jsonLdList' %}

This will be replaced with the JSON-LD content that is provided by the Google FAQs plugin when questions and answers are provided for a page.

Entering questions and answers

This plugin will inject itself into the forms when editing or creating CMS pages (and Static Pages, if the RainLab Pages plugin is installed). The tab is called "Google FAQs", and provides a simple repeater with a single question and accepted answer.

Adding FAQ questions and answers to page content

Google will give more preference to FAQ content that is made available in the visible page content on a given page. The Google FAQs plugin provides the FAQ content in the form of a "viewBag" variable called bennothommo_googlefaqs_faq, so you may insert the FAQ content into your page template using the following:

{% if (page.viewBag.bennothommo_googlefaqs_faqs) %}
    {% for faq in page.viewBag.bennothommo_googlefaqs_faqs %}
        <h3>{{ faq.question }}</h3>
        <p>{{ faq.answer | nl2br }}</p>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Note about Google FAQs

Even if you provide FAQ content for a page, there is no guarantee that Google will display the FAQs, as Google uses an algorithm to determine applicability of questions for a particular search result. You may see the following page for more information: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/faqpage


Changed the event that FAQ content is injected into, as the Static Pages plugin halts the original event.

Oct 19, 2019


Initial version of the Google FAQs plugin.

Oct 03, 2019